Let's Role virtual tabletop ceases new development (not to be confused with Role virtual tabletop)


Let's Role is a virtual tabletop platform launched via Kickstarter in February 2021.

Notably the campaign and all communications with users were announced in both English and French, earning it a large share of the French market. The platform benefited from regular updates, and the Play Pass subscription upgraded users' upload limits as well as promising them exclusive content such as maps, themed virtual dice, etc.

This morning's English announcement was posted to their Discord server in full below:

Hello @everyone-english, I'd like to go back a bit to the history of Let's Role, its current state, and its future.

After the success of our Kickstarter in early 2021, we set to work to release the Open Beta. For a year, we've been working to bring you the site we've been dreaming of. We've set up a brand new site with the store, made all the skins we'd planned, modified the game engine to accommodate more people, and much more.

At the beginning of 2022, the Beta was launched, and while the site was doing well, we noticed that sales in the store weren't very high. This, we thought, was to be expected, since the players who had taken part in the Kickstarter were already well equipped with skins. But in the months that followed, sales didn't increase. So we decided to launch Play Pass, our subscription system with attractive benefits, which came out in autumn 2022. The Play Pass succeeds in convincing part of the community, and we see our revenues increase, but we're still a long way from our objectives.

In 2023, sales and subscriptions to the Play Pass continued to increase slightly each month. On the team side, we've been getting everything ready for the stable release, with redesigns of some tools, new features, bug fixes, infrastructure changes and much more. Finally, we were able to launch Let's Role in September 2023, and we were very proud of how far we'd come. Our visits are increasing, and so are revenues, but we're still a long way from our objectives.

To protect Let's Role, as the company's sole employee, my salary has been very low for the past 2 years or non-existent for almost the whole of 2023. And I've reached the end of my personal resources. So I have no choice but to find another job, and put the development of Let's Role on hold for the time being.

This doesn't mean the end of Let's Role, far from it! As it stands, the site and its services can continue to operate independently for a long time to come. We'll continue to provide the Play Pass and all the benefits and bonuses every month for subscribers.If you'd like to help us get development back on track, you can :
  • spread the word about Let's Role on social networks or to your friends
  • buy a Play Pass (or if you have one, keep it!).
Personally, it's very difficult to have to stop taking care - even temporarily - of this incredible project, with an absolutely brilliant community. But I haven't found any other solution, and it's not for lack of looking. So I'm now seeking a job as a developer.

Thank you all for being part of our community! And once again. Let's Role isn't closing, so please continue to enjoy our platform as much as you like. I hope you'll understand the situation, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them here on Discord, we'll answer them in all transparency.
Their website is lets-role.com, commonly mistaken for Role, whose website is playrole.com

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