Let's talk Virtual Tabletops!

Thomas Shey

As far as I can tell, there's no specific tool built in to draw arcs or semi-circles.

I do see some modules that might be useful in helping with that. Note: this is an area that I am not very experienced in, since I've only started using the drawing tools in the last week. The Foundry Discord would know a lot more.

I was just curious; normally when I do my own maps I do them with Fractal Mapper and import them, but there've been a few cases when I needed to do something on the fly with Maptool and its one of the few areas where I'm--not impressed.

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I used MapTool on a LAN for my last decade of F2F gaming, and for the last three years I use Roll20 with Discord audio.

Roll20's simple and reliable interface, excellent fog of war, and continual upgrades make it the best for the buck IMO. Any jpg can be a map, there is a vast amount of shared (free) pogs and artwork for it, and the games it supports expand nearly daily. I seldom encounter online players who are not familiar with the system.

That was precisely the problem we had (and I was that random person, in our case). Like I said, went to Roll20 tech support and they basically gave up after some basic troubleshooting. (They claimed they'd look at the issue long-term, but that was months ago.)
I think they finally fixed this, as it was a constant issue for my group and then the problem suddenly disappeared about a month or two ago.


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Wildshape VTT is a 3d one, that hasn't been updated in over a year. The Dev says more is coming, but I have doubts.

RPG stories is a 3d VTT that I might try soon.

Scenegrinder is a 3d VTT that comes recommended, but I haven't tried yet .

I've played with a few others, but game masterr engine doesn't work on Mac, and one of my players has that, do I have stopped testing it.


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Sly Flourish has this great idea where he sets up Dwarven Forge and takes a photo of it at an angle and then crops it so he can use it in Owlbear Rodeo.



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Mirrorscape is a 3d VTT that uses virtual fat dragon and dwarven forge and reaper terrain and minis. It looks like talespire, but everything is a micro transaction.... So it's really expensive, imo. I have the free version...

I still use Discord with Roll20. Its constantly reliable, and it has to be open anyway, because we have a lot of important information on our server. Plus private messages are coinvent.

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