Beadle & Grimm's. Kamigawa Magic: The Gathering.


Beadle and Grimm's site shows the box includes a Map of Kamigawa and an In-World Guide. I'm curious whether this was developed by WotC, or whether B&G made these themselves.

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WotC usually has a "World Bible" on the website for the Magic Set, and since Icalan that has tended to include maps. Wouldn't surprise me if it's a printed booklet form of that.

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Urriak Uruk

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I'll add for those who don't know; Phyrexia is the main villain of Kamigawa, and they seem to be building up to be MTG's next "Big Bad" much like how Nicol Bolas was built up over several sets (culminating in War of the Spark).

This is unlikely to be explored much in any D&D book however; a full book for Ravnica was released, and Nicol Bolas gets almost no coverage there.


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