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Beastheart and Monstrous Companions
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Who doesn’t want an owlbear best friend? Beastheart and Monstrous Companions provides rules for adding wild creatures to your fifth edition adventuring party. In battle, your companion builds ferocity, a new resource they can spend to use special actions like Earthshaker, Slime Shower, and Owlie Oop. But beware! If your companion builds up too much ferocity, they can enter a rampage and might just attack you instead. Fifteen companions are included in the product:
*Blood Hawk
*Dragon Wyrmling
*Earth Elemental
*Gelatinous Cube
*Giant Spider
*Giant Toad
*Giant Weasel
*Hell Hound
The supplement also includes the beastheart, a brand-new class that uses the companion rules to create an adventurer with a wild partner. The beastheart is presented with five new subclasses: Ferocious Bond, Hunter Bond, Infernal Bond, Primordial Bond, and Protector Bond.

The product wraps up with eight new magic items made for companions and their caregivers, and an original piece of fiction from Matt Colville, “The First Meeting.”

Dive into adventure with a ferocious friend!

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