D&D 5E MCDM Releases the Beastheart class! Along with a crew of companions and miniatures!


This looks really good. The ferocity mechanic is a great idea that looks like it'll be fun as well as flavourful. Love the shroom too. Going to definitely grab this.

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You mean TTRPG labor that's appropriately valued?
Heh heh, yeah... it's funny how we had threads about how bad it is regarding the poor payscale of TTRPG designers, but when things like the Beastheart or the Beadle & Grimm products come out it's now all about things being too expensive. It's like we want the companies to pay handsomely the people who make all the stuff, but WE don't want to have to pay for it ourselves.


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I just ordered and downloaded the PDF. I love the minis but they are just too expensive for my tastes (esp. having just dropped $100 for a mini kickstarter that is gonna net me dozens of minis). The PDF on the other hand feels like a value, given everything included (and it has me psyched for their soon to be kickstartered monster book).

I am not sure the class or even the animal companion thing will come up that often in my games, but I like considering the options and/or cannibalizing the rules for other stuff (which is what I have been doing - very loosely - with Kingdoms & Warfare and Strongholds & Followers).


This looks pretty cool! Unfortunately most of my players use DND Beyond, and if it's not there, they won't use it.
I may pick it up in a few years for my kids. Right now they're too young for the mechanical complexity.


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