D&D General Baldur's Gate 3 will now be releasing August 3rd on PC and September 6th on PS5, increased level cap, race & class details and more


Reeks of Jedi
I had to do the "first date" with my chosen love interest twice. Weird bug. Curious if when I rest again if it will happen yet again for a 3rd time

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I spent a week moving, and now finally set the PC up at the new place, and Patch 2 is already almost here? They're really putting them out.



Reeks of Jedi
So one of my party members got knocked off a cliff that for game purposes was bottomless. iE I had no way to get to the bottom which I couldn’t even see.

Well how the fudge do I fix that? They just dead?

Turns out they leave a little glowing ball they leave behind that can can “Raised”.

Good thinking, Larian. I was about to load a save from like an hour ago.


Oh, Minthara fixes NOT in patch 2, apparently. Wonder what all that's about. Likely testing that they actually got it right.
Huh, have you got a source on this? I remember seeing a tweet about how almost everything about Minthara was blocked by an incredibly small and stupid bug (in Swen's words), which made me think that this would be an obvious fix for Patch 2.

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