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I had a dialogue run slightly out of sequence during a conversation. After I chose a particular dialogue choice, instead of progressing, the conversation turned back to me with a single option of "continue." It proceeded after that, but once I finished the conversation I couldn't select any actions - whatever key I pressed, I got the "[SPACE] Skip" box showing at the bottom of the screen.

Fortunately, a save and re-load fixed it.

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Heh, another buggy sequence. My character woke up next to two of my companions fighting. I help one and they get to their feet, weapons drawn. The cutscene ends and I'm at the other end of the camp. Running into the area, one of them is just standing in their usual spot. Wondering what's going on, I start a dialogue and can ask "Was it really necessary to kill X?"

Tried reloading a couple of times, but no luck getting to see what happened.

Edit: Hahahaha, the "slain" character is also still in the camp, acting as if she killed the other.
Okay, tried some variations and one of them caused me to die IRL. After a reload, I decided to take a different resolution which prevented the NPCs from trying to kill each other and now they are reacting appropriately in dialogue. Hopefully that will prevent technical issues later in the game.

There are two goblin children throwing stones at bear-Halsin in his cage, they have numbers instead of names. If you kick off hostilities they turn hostile and run for reinforcements, but if Halsin busts out of his cage at least one of them can get crushed right there.
There are also several goblin children just outside a broken wall past Crusher who are kicking a body. They have numbers for names too.

Hm, I guess that (and the low RAM) is where we differ. I've got a 9th gen i7 and 32 gigs of RAM, and I think those really help, especially with highly populated areas like Act 3.
Yeah, the processor makes a huge difference. My PC and laptop are very similar in most ways, but my older PC has an inferior processor, and the difference is night and day when there are a lot of objects to load.

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