Best Campaigns to convert into 5e? Suggestions Please!


Lord of the Hidden Layer
I loved Dark Sun. The Prism Pentad series which the campaign was based off of was great until the end. The problem is when you kill off your major villains, it kind of kills the campaign.
I've thought about* an adventure where mid-to-high level PCs are part of an operation that seeks to cause Andropinis to LOSE his regularly-scheduled re-election bid.

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B10 Night's Dark Terror is my favorite D&D adventure I've run. I only wish I had been smart enough to buy a copy of it back in 1986 when it was new.

It's not a full-length campaign; it's more of a mini-campaign like Lost Mines of Phandelver. However, for being 30+ years old it does a fantastic job of looking like modern adventures and transitioning from dungeon-based adventures to wilderness adventures. It has lots and lots of small site-based adventures.

One of my favorite modules of all time...and one of my most-prized RPG items in my collection. Much of the counter sheet is still unpunched! The maps alone in the module are amazing. So much character.


I've heard really great things about the Freeport adventures and I have the Pathfinder copy of the setting that I need to dive into.

Rise of the Runelords and Curse of the Crimson Throne have both been published as hardback adventures, and very easy to get ahold of. If you play with minis, the pathfinder pawns for these campaigns have 75% of the minis you need for bad dudes. I ran my group through a regular game of RotR, and I started to feel DM fatigue midway through chapter three after running the game for about two years and 30ish sessions. If you run this, I'd skip most of chapter two and go straight to chapter three and beyond.

The I've been running Iron Gods in Eberron for the past year, and it's been a blast. We're about 20 sessions into it, and I'm concluding chapter two very soon. After that, I'm going to be homebrewing my own adventures.

If you're looking at old adventures, and want to cherry pick a dungeon or two, I would check out Tales from the Yawning Portal. WotC collected a ton of old adventures into it and revised them for 5e. Of note, it also includes Dead in Thay, which is a huge megadungeon and could easily be segmented and adapted for your own game. Tomb of Horrors isn't as great IMO to play through in 5e, but my group can at least say they did it.


One that I am planning to include in my current game:

Caverns of Thracia (a mini-campaign)

Some that I'm trying to find time to play:

Age of Worms
Vault of Larin Karr (a mini-campaign)
Red Hand of Doom
Freeport Trilogy
Savage Tide
Return to the Tomb of Horrors

Age of Worms is a great campaign and it runs much better in 5e in my opinion (stuff like sneak attack works on undead in 5e). You can grab my conversion notes here.


Blistering Barnacles!
Evernight (Savage Worlds) would be a lot of fun, thought about it.

Starts off traditional fantasy world, then BOOM creepy alien invasion!


This is how I did it for a short campaign ...

I used Goliaths as a base for Halfgiants and replaced Stone's Endurance for a Wild Talent (using the mystic ua for powers) and replaced mountain born with an changing alignment 1/day ability and darkvision.

I used the Mystic UA and I gave everyone a "free 1st level feat" that was a wild talent

I used Warlocks as "Templars" and way of the four elements monks as the "Clerics" (i was going to make new domains but this seemed quicker) and if players wanted to use a cleric I was going to theme it as a templar if the domain fit as sorcerer king, but that never came up.

I didn't use inferior weapons as a negative ... I just themed regular weapons as bone, obsidian, etc. Gave them a breakage on crit for extra damage die. Crude Metal weapons didn't break and I themed +1 only weapons as just non-magic metal and they were non-magic. +2 and other magic weapons were actually magical.

Defiliing was cast a spell not using a spell slot to deal damage to the area (even friends) 1d6 per spell level. Once per short rest. This also had "side effects" if you were seen for roleplaying purposes and the rest of the party normally wasn't too happy with taking damage.

Preserving was cast a spell not using a spell slot and make a DC 10 + spell level Con check to avoid the dealing damage.

I only ran three games ... it worked out okay. The thing I wish I had more time to do was "extreme conditions" when traveling sorta stuff.

I wanted to also change the Elf to have fast runner but no one picked elf.

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