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5E Best epic items by build?


Some classes & builds have obvious "best" magic items to aspire to in the epic tier (17+).
  • Arcane caster: Staff & Robe of magi.
  • Melee paladin: Holy Avenger.
  • Melee STR: Vorpal Sword, Hammer of Thunderbolts, Belt of Storm Giant Strength.
Others have legendary items, but not epic & definitive.
  • Archer: Oathbow.
  • Bard: Ollamh Harp.
  • Cleric: Talisman of Good/Evil.
  • Melee Tank: Defender.
  • melee Dex: Sword (scimitar) of Answering.
  • stealth: Cloak of Invisibility.
What about the rest? Are there existing epic items that I'm forgetting? Or previous edition items that deserve to be ported up?
  • non-bow ranged?
  • Druid?
  • Monk?
  • Rogue?

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Some of the legendary items are better for some, such as a ring of invisibility for thieves and assassins. Even if everyone could use it to gain advantage, but feels like it is made for a thief. I always liked scimitar of speed and dancing weapons, but this has changed over the years.

Does 5e even have that many combos anymore with each class having a background that can handle most things and magic largely taken out from being needed. You no longer need a +4 weapon to hit X demon when now it only needs to be magical. Dancing weapons used to be +4 to give you a good bump in AC, but now is what, +2 maybe.