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Fleshing out my world, and looking for good names for different cultural alcoholic drinks. Some of the ones I've thought of or stole outright from other games:

Dwarven Beard Beer - strongest commonly available ale
Black Blood of the Earth* - strongest dark ale around, not generally sold, used in Dwarven feasts and rituals.
"Elephant Piss" - a generally middle of the road ale/beer, but not that tasty, but it gets you drunk (think how beer snobs look at Budwiser or Coors)
Moonbeam and Sunbeam - Both elven wines - Moonbeam is a white that is almost clear, and Sunbeam is a very light red and strong flavored.

Any other suggestions welcome, and feel free to take mine.

*Where I got that name from is pretty obvious.

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Smash. A nasty shot of high octane alcohol spirit that is made for Ogres
Smudge. A goblin delicacy that numbs the tongue. Especially popular for younglings with pranks on their minds
Delirium Brandy. With a reduced purple worm larvae in the bottom of the bottle


go, hunt. kill haribos.
A cinnamon-flavored whiskey called Fireball.
I'm sure I drank a bunch of exactly this in the 90s? It might have been vodka-based, right enough.

Dorfwater: The weakest of the Dwarven spirits. It won't kill a human outright, but halflings might want to be careful.
Half-a-Dribble: Halfling honeyed wine, not strong but it does produce involuntary micturation in non-halflings.
Rust Scrumpy: Orcs make it. Only the hardest and most desperate non-Orcs drink it.
White Lightning: Brewed by Cocaine Wizards. Drink it if you dare.


Recollection Wine is fermented from ghosts. It allows the imbiber to relive pieces of the decedent's life. Blends are intense, recommend only for the most experienced oenophiles. Sold in the Port on the Aster Sea by a chap named Earnest Gallows.


I've only ever used one.

Dragon's Breath. Dark red color, served aflame. Tastes sweet when just extinguished, but you want to drink it quickly as the longer it stands once extinguished, the more bitter it becomes. Most find it unpleasant after 5 minutes and unpalatable after an hour. Needless to say, it has a very high alcohol content. Enjoyed by elves and halflings while fresh. Dwarves and half-orcs often use it for endurance drinking contests after it has sat for a half-hour or more.

Jinnistani wine. Made from grapes with intensely magical, alchemical properties, leading to...interesting responses from mortal drinkers. With such vintages as...

Lover's Deepest Kiss. Said to be love poetry in liquid form, inspiring visions of affection and lust in the drinker. Popular at certain kinds of parties, but also for careful drinking by romantic or pastoral poets.

From Vine, Truth. Seen as a tool of divination and mental health, but also capable of inducing madness in excessive doses and exacerbating depression. Popular with religious folks.

Walking on Air. From grapes grown in air-genie lands. Drink enough, and you begin levitating. The more you drink, the higher you go; merely being "buzzed" gives you an inch or two, while being absolutely smashed might put you several feet in the air. Over-indulgence leads to broken bones when you wake up and suddenly find yourself 10 feet up and not supported by magic anymore.

Like A Rock. This thicker, almost ink-colored wine stains horribly, but literally fortifies the drinker. Popular with heavy laborers to resist minor injuries. Unfortunately, it has a tendency to cause more injuries when it leaves someone drunk and feeling invincible.


Guide of Modos
Argonian Bloodwine has a nice ring to it - and imparts water-breathing ability.

Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters are...something else. Ask the Hitchhiker 's Guide to the Galaxy about them.


I had a player start a tavern and called his local beer- Bob's Booze, mostly in remembrance of his 3 dead brothers. He was Bob IV and his brothers were Bob, Bob Jr, and Bob Jr Jr.


Minotaur's Maze- For those who want to get drunk and forget where they are.
Black Dragon Stout- A common black ale in my games. Although most of the beers are just called black, brown, gold, and local.

Sex on the Kobold - a fruity drink from distilled peaches (or tropical fruits) with a bunch of ground raw grain on the bottom.
Troglodyte Fart - A mix of whiskey and fermented mushrooms that despite the atrocious smells is popular because of how cheap it is and the ease of which one can get drunk and/or have hallucinations.


A suffusion of yellow
Mushroom Scrumpy - a favourite of gnomes, brewed from apples and mushrooms
Mushroom Lager - another gnome brew
Strawberry Xuxu - brewed by pixies
Cloudberry Liquer
Sloe Gin
Green Fairy:)

The Devils Handshake

Mix whiskey, tequila, dark rum, lime juice and a secret ingredient, and you have a drink that sailors will dare each other to drink. Anyone who drinks this powerful beverage must make a death save.
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