Kickstarter Big Eyes, Small Mouth RPG – Retro Second Edition now live on Kickstarter


Now Live on Kickstarter from Dyskami Publishing:

✅ A throwback to the 2000s with the Big Eyes, Small Mouth Retro Second Edition RPG
✅ BESM Ikaris: Epic Fantasy Anime Adventures setting expansion
✅ BESM Denizens of the Multiverse Deck of anime NPCs and monsters
✅ Ikarion Quest – novel two in the Ikarion isekai anime LitRPG trilogy

Check it out at

BESM 2 Retro Kickstarter - Primary Image.jpg

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What system did that second edition use? How complex was it?
BESM 2E uses the Tri-Stat System from the early 2000s. The current Tri-Stat System in ESM 4E is different in a few aspects, but is largely recognisable as a point-buy, three-Stat system.

BESM 2E isn't overly complex – much less than Hero and GURPS – but there is comprehensiveness in the character options. Here's a link to a sample review from after it came out: book is one,that makes really great products


BESM Kickstarter Update


Our latest BESM Kickstarter campaign launched just two days ago and funding has already reached 300% of the original goal!

Two sweet physical upgrade stretch goals have been unlocked already for the hardcovers: bookmark ribbons sewn into the spines and elegant spot UV coatings on the covers (the attached image shows a pre-press sample of the UV coating).

Check out the four products we're offering – including the throwback BESM Retro Second Edition RPG – and pledge your support today!

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