Release Birdie the cat recommends Cathulhu 7e now on DTRPG in PDF & POD formats

Old Castro

Cathulhu is back with some fine new 7e whiskers.

Again available on DTRPG, Cathulhu is the feline mythos sleuth sourcebook that you didn't know you wanted. Cathulhu is intended as an interlude to mainstream Call of Cthulhu games, and provides a different POV to the horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos.

It is best played light-heartedly as "cosy cthulhu", but can be played seriously. The opponents of the feline investigators can range from dastardly rat-kings or mutant sewer lizards to lone mad sorcerers or all the way to a full-blown confrontation with the Cthulhu Mythos.

To celebrate this happy turn of events Sixtystone Press and Birdie the cat would like to offer the readers of EN World some introductory discounts.

Please note, if you are a previous purchaser of the Cathulhu book you have been sent a very special discount for a new POD book, and the updated PDF files are in your DTRPG library.

Cathulhu PDF only* for US $7.50 (25% discount), valid until 15 December 2023:

Cathulhu POD only* for US $22.00, valid until 15 December 2023:

* If you want the PDF & POD at the same time please select the undiscounted PDF & POD option. The way colour POD is priced on DTRPG I cannot offer a significant discount for the colour POD, and discounts cannot be applied against the combo PDF & POD option.

May your claws stay sharp and your whiskers long!
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