Bits n' Pieces - New Name?


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Hey Morrus, I was thinking we should change the name of the Bits n' Pieces area of the boards to something more descriptive of what is in there.

I don't have any suggestions yet - but maybe we can have a contest or something. . .

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Well, that was fun
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It's so tempting....

Seriously though - any ideas? To be honest, I have no opinion either way; I'm happy with the current name, but have no attachment to it. If someone comes up with sumfink good then that's fine by me.


Hand and Eye of Piratecat [Moderator]
Eric: :):):):) (Heh. It's so easy now to post a lot of smilies... :D)

Let's see...
Bits 'n' Pieces now contains the following:
Story Hour
In Character
Fight Club

So I'd say we give it a name like "Tales of [something-or-other]."


Well, that was fun
Staff member
Of those, 'Game On!' is the best - but I'm not too keen.

I guess I like simple, descriptive names... I hate websites called 'Zargoth's Dark Realm' and such.


Given the success rate of most Story Hour (non-Piratecat and Nemmerle) threads, along with the success of the In-Character stuff I was involved with, I say:

"Talking to Yourself in Public"

Or, given the purpose of the three forums, how about:

"Threads that are ACTUALLY about RPGs"


Roleplaying in Action?

Gaming in Action?

Let's Pretend: The Forum of Talkin' 'bout Stuff

"Play, you sweet bastards, play!!"
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My suggestion is "In-Game" - It is simple and descriptive and says more about what can be found in there than "Bit n' Pieces" which really says absolutely nothing. . .


Well, I'm a little disappointed that no one has suggested "Piratecat's Story Hour and a bunch of other stuff," but my bruised ego will survive. How about "Ongoing Campaigns"? "Ongoing Stories"? "Game boys"? "Wild Game"? "Game-a-lame-a-ding-dong"?

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