Bits n' Pieces - New Name?


Vengeance Bunny
Okay, how about some brainstorming?

Alright, what do Story Hour, Fight Club and In-Character forums all have in common?

They are either retellings of or live play of D&D campaigns. Whether it's participating in an actual, response by response game or it's a detail, fictionalized recap of events in our own RL games, it's basically the same thing:

"Playing the Game" - A series of forums to share your campaign adventures, game fiction or take part in forum-based interactive gaming!

Other derivatives:
"Game On!"
"Getting into the Game"
"The Game Room"
"Player's Corner"
"Getting Game!"
"Gamer's Nook" / "Gaming Nook"

Or a play on our locals of RL gaming.
"The Virtual Dinner Table"
"The Virtual Game Table"
"Interactive and Archival Gaming" (how boring is that - yeuck!) Could be shortened to I&A Forum Gaming.

Or maybe just "Forum Gaming," "EN World Forum Gaming," "Gaming Chronicles."

Or even "Game Chronicles" - whether it's a recap of someone's campaign or it's an ongoing IC effort, it's still all "history" once it's posted. :)

Or, how about, "Live, Nude GAMES!" :D

*listens to crickets chirp*

Yes, I have too much free time. :(

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First Post
Ashtal is right, you guys. There should be some reason to the Story Hour madness!

We should be looking at this from a methodical, logical, scientological standpoint. Doing that, I think Ashtal made it clear what the new name should be:

Live, Nude GAMES!

When you are faced with the bare visage of brilliance, all you can do is humbly accept it into your naked heart.

Seriously though, Bits & Pieces sounds way nastier than live, nude games. Almost everything on Ashtal's list sounds good to me.

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