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Coming Blacksmith's Journal

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Krillo's been travelling the world and studying crafting for years, writing everything he's learned into his famous journal. We've stolen this journal and are exploiting it for profit. Behold hundreds of hand-drawn illustrations, recipes, and schematics in Krillo's Guide.

You ever wanna make stuff?

Krillo's Guide is all about crafting for adventurers. Turn your enemies' iron weapons into armor, use pieces of slayed monsters to brew alchemical concoctions, or draw up schematics for tinkered contraptions.

Check out Krillos Guide to Blacksmithing here for free. Blacksmithing lets adventurers turn time and raw materials into armor, equipment, and weapons of war. Improve as you practice, learning to make better weapons, use rare or mythic materials, and eventually imbue weapons with magic!

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