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Kickstarter Krillo's Guide - RPG Crafting Supplement

Get Crafting!
Krillo's Guide is a crafting supplement for Fantasy RPGs like D&D and Pathfinder that allows players to create equipment from their environment and their enemies! The book features seven crafts with distinct mechanics, and a ton of information for GM's to create interesting weapons, shops, and encounters!

An In-Game Handbook
Krillo's Guide includes rules for creation potions, armor, magic items and more! Krillo's Guide is all about crafting for adventurers! Ingredients can be gathered, harvested, or looted while out on adventures.
Krillo's Guide is beautifully illustrated, with hundreds of drawings of potions, materials, schematics, and more! It's written as an in-universe guide, allowing it to be used as a supplement, as a prop, or as a trophy.

The Kickstarter for Krillo's Guide Starts Mid-January and ends Mid-February.

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