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Press CABIN FEVER: A Pirate Borg Content Game Jam with $3k in Prizes

In March, 2022, Limithron kickstarted Pirate Borg, a "scurvy ridden, rules light, art heavy RPG based on Mörk Borg." The campaign reached 4,076 backers who pledged $161,302 and fulfilled in January, 2023.


PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release

CABIN FEVER: A Pirate Borg Content Game Jam & Printed Book with $3k in Prizes Runs Through May 31st

Denver, CO – Today, Limithron LLC proudly announces CABIN FEVER, a Pirate Borg game jam on itch.io, as well as a new sub label for official release of 3rd party Pirate Borg content called KNOWN CONSPIRATORS.

Find out more about CABIN FEVER here.

This event invites TTRPG creators from across the seas to explore the grim and horrific setting of the Dark Caribbean and the Pirate Borg RPG.

CABIN FEVER entries can be submitted in one of five categories: Adventures and Modules; PC Class’ Monsters, NPCs, or Ships; Generators and Random Tables; and Miscellaneous—with the goal of producing a trove of new content for Pirate Borg GMs and players to engage with. The submission period opens on May 1st and concludes on May 31st.

All participants who adhere to the submission guidelines will receive an exclusive KNOWN CONSPIRATOR antique pin and a CABIN FEVER die-cut sticker. Additionally, submissions will be evaluated by a panel of seven judges. The panel includes several key community and industry members:
  • Brian Colin - Infinite Black/Creature Curation, Vast Grimm Creator @theBrianColin
  • Jason Hunt- Pirate Borg Ex Libris Curator @Hexeter
  • Bridgette Jeffries - Coordinator of Events and Outreach at Chaosium & Miskatonic Repository Curator @SymphonyEntert
  • Brett O’Donnell - Pirate Borg Ex Libris Curator @brettod
  • Doug Shute - Free League Publishing, Victory Condition Gaming @DougVCGaming
  • Luke Stratton - Limithron, Pirate Borg Creator @Limithron
  • Tyler Stratton - Limithron Quartermaster and Events Coordinator

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The Treasure:
Sixteen entries will be selected for inclusion in a print-on-demand hardcover book. Each winner will receive a copy of this book and a portion of the $3,000 prize pool, with one grand prize winner receiving $1,000. The book will be available for the public to purchase for cost on lulu.com, with a free PDF version also provided via pirateborg.com

About the Pirate Borg Design Primer:
Concurrently with the game jam, Limithron is pleased to present the Pirate Borg Design Primer. This guide for content creators includes writing and layout tips, a guide to the fonts used in Pirate Borg, and a comprehensive list of resources, ensuring that all submitters have the tools needed to make the best possible content for Pirate Borg and The Dark Caribbean.

About Pirate Borg:
Pirate Borg, a gritty spin-off from the acclaimed MÖRK BORG RPG from Free League Publishing, is a game about embracing the life of a greedy, filthy scoundrel in a pirate-infested world. Created and illustrated by Luke Stratton, also known as Limithron, Pirate Borg offers an uncompromising pirate adventure experience with its rich narratives and beautifully dark art. ICv2 reported Pirate Borg as the tenth highest selling RPG of 2023.

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About Limithron LLC:
Limithron LLC is a TTRPG-focused studio and publisher founded by Luke Stratton, specializing in the development and illustration of pirate themed role-playing games, maps, and resources. Best known for Pirate Borg, a gritty spin-off from the acclaimed MÖRK BORG RPG and published by Free League Publishing, Limithron LLC strives to create deeply immersive gaming experiences with rich narratives and distinctive art. Limithron LLC is also known for Limithron’s Guide to Naval Combat, a popular rules supplement for the 5th Edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game, which provides a rules-light, RPG-focused ruleset for introducing naval combat into your TTRPG games. Learn more at limithron.com.

About Luke Stratton:
Luke Stratton, also known by his alias Limithron, has been fascinated with the Golden Age of Piracy ever since he first rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at age 4. Forced to find a new career at the onset of the pandemic, he built a Patreon following drawing pirate ship battle maps. He is the the author and illustrator of the PIRATE BORG as well as Limithron’s Guide to Naval Combat for 5th Edition. Luke lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife and an Ewok dog “Yogi”. When not sequestered in his wizard’s study, he can be found traveling the globe with his other professional pursuit as a concert lighting designer.

To participate in the CABIN FEVER game jam, download the Pirate Borg Design Primer, and discover more about Pirate Borg, visit itch.io/jam/cabinfever and pirateborg.com.


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Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
Very psyched about this. Not only is it cool as hell of Limithron to put together (and put out real money for), it also means that we get new official-ish Pirate Borg content this year ahead of September's (?) Down Among the Dead Men adventure anthology Kickstarter campaign. (Dark Caribbean has been bumped a year to it can be turned around faster.)

Currently working on an idea to submit next month.

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
The early entries are really impressive and include solo rules for play. And quite a few people with strong layout chops have already submitted, which it seems like Limithron is at least somewhat interested in, presumably for the ease of assembling the winning 16 entries into the eventual book.

Based on just the first three days of entries, I suspect my entry is going to get blown out of the water, but it looks like every Pirate Borg group is going to get a ton of great new material, both in the book and via itch.io.

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