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Press Free League Announces Black Powder and Brimstone RPG (MÖRK BORG Variant)

It´s Witchcraft!
Black Powder and Brimstone RPG Partnership Announced

Explore a grim-dark fantasy RPG, compatible with MÖRK BORG, infused with gunpowder and witchcraft
Embark on dark and daring adventure where death and destruction lurks around every corner. Free League and Benjamin Tobitt are thrilled to announce a publishing partnership for the grim-dark fantasy RPG Black Powder and Brimstone that will be launched at Kickstarter by Benjamin Tobitt on April 25.

Sign up on the Black Powder and Brimstone RPG Kickstarter by Benjamin Tobitt here!

The gunpowder and withchcraft infused game is a complete stand-alone RPG based on and compatible with the multi-award-winning apocalyptic heavy metal RPG MÖRK BORG.
This wicked cauldron of a game is packed to the brim with with lore, explosions, magic, war, and demons. Written and illustrated by Benjamin Tobitt, the game will be printed and distributed by Free League.
About Black Powder and Brimstone
The Orthodox and Puritans of the Church of the Sacred Blood are stuck in a stalemate of a war that has raged for decades. You are a desperate adventurer stuck in the middle of the conflict desperately trying to survive, and maybe even profit, amongst the chaos and destruction.
Wield unique and characterful weapons, each with their own rules and advantages on top of the damage die. The arsenal includes the dreaded Black Powder weapons - infernal devices that ignore all armor on a hit and can cause as much mayhem and destruction to the wielder as the intended target.
As well as the mortal weapons, there are forbidden and powerful magics that can warp reality as easily as an artist paints a canvas. But beware, for magic is as dangerous as it is powerful. If you use it in front of the wrong people, then be prepared to deal with the dreaded agents of the Inquisition.
This action packed, rules light, art heavy OSR game offers swashbuckling adventure and gothic folk horror in an unholy blend. A treasure chest of character options, items, locations, adventures, and enemies both human and monstrous waiting to be opened
About the Designer

The game creator Benjamin Tobitt was raised in the haunted wilds of Dorset, before seeking his fortune in the grand and terrible city of London. After receiving an education at the Kingston University of Arts, he worked as an illustrator, animator, director, and comic book artist. During the Great Plague, he and his wife moved to the frozen nation of Sweden to practice their own form of witchcraft, assisted by the feline familiar commonly known as "Gus". Black Powder and Brimstone is his magical creation, the culmination of years of passion and research into the 30 Years War, folk horror, and witchcraft.


MÖRK BORG is a blackened artpunk RPG about miserable bastards and heretics enduring a bleak, dying world. It came out of nowhere and ravaged the roleplaying game scene in 2020 when it won four gold ENnies (Product of the Year is one of them) and has become a cult hit with a dedicated following ever since.

MÖRK BORG - ENNIE Awards Winner 2020
Product of the Year (Gold)
Best Layout & Design (Gold)
Best Writing (Gold)
Best Game (Silver)

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Free League Workshop is a sub-label for externally designed games that Free League help print, publish and distribute. The Free League Workshop game portfolio includes the science fiction RPG Death in Space, the weird-fantasy RPG Into the Odd Remastered, the dark fantasy RPG MÖRK BORG, the cyberpunk RPG CY_BORG and the pirate-RPG PIRATE BORG.

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