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Blobs arty thread


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Hi people, I used to be a regular here at ENWorld a long long time ago. I've not posted for well over year now though, due to me now being a part time illustrator while my wife studies to become a nurse.
So because of that I thought I'd whack up some of my latest work, mainly sketchy stuff, but there are some finished pieces floating around and will continue to be in this thread, as I update. :)

So (hopefully) enjoy! :)


By purdy at 2007-03-18

Head Shouty Thingy

By purdy at 2007-03-18

Kimboid.. this was my submission to one of CA's COW threads

By purdy at 2007-04-02


By purdy at 2007-06-05

Funtime Franky

By purdy at 2007-06-11

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Thanks for the comments guys :)

To answer your question Darkhall-Nestor, I use Painter IX and PS7 for my work. PS for the cropping, level changing, layer adjusts, etc, and Painter for the actual painting and drawing.

Man I love your stuff. It's been a while.

Would you be interested in doing some illustration work for E.N. Publishing's War of the Burning Sky?


Beautiful work!

Especially like the Dwarf-1,Orc-0 pic... I'm a sucker for a good female dwarf that's all business :)



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excellent stuff

really nice stuff going on here. thanks for the post on my thread too.


ENnies winner and NOT Scrappy Doo
Wow Scott, long time no see man!

Great stuff! It's fun watching your work progress over the years since we met on realmsofevil.


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Thanks for the replies people, sorry I'm late in thanking :)

Good to see ya round Jason! RoE? Blimey I've not heard that for ages.. Shawn still running the site? I hope all's well with you and the family?

Here's a sketch I did today :)