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Hi everyone!

In case you haven't come across it yet, the 'Blood and Doom' Kickstarter is now live, and runs until the end of this month. It funded in just 24 hours and 2 Stretch Goals have already been unlocked as well. Blood and Doom is a gritty game set in the wondrous yet perilous world of Athyr. It's uses its own unique d10 dice pool mechanic and offers a fast-paced, operatic experience with cinematic action. The game is easy to learn and highly customizable, and should appeal to both to newcomers and veteran players looking to engage in expansive campaigns.

I won't divulge too much more here as you can find all about it on the Kickstarter page, and we also have a FREE Primer Bundle available on DrivethruRPG which includes playable versions of all 3 books that we're Kickstarting so you can check them out for yourself. The bundle includes over 500 beautifully illustrated, full-color pages and has gotten a ton of positive reviews and comments. But that's not all: we also just released our first FREE adventure this week 'Faces of Evil', including Quickstart Characters so you can get the game to the table in no time to see if you like it.

Below are some links and do let me know what you think of it or ask any and all questions you may have!

Kickstarter Page

Free Primer Bundle

Free Adventure

Blood and Doom_Assets_A_ 2400x1256.jpg

(Note: you don't need the custom dice to play, regular d10s will do just fine, and you also don't need miniatures to play. But they're very cool!)

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Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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