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I know that I leveled them the day they hit the new level. If they leveled during a combat, I would hold off on informing then until the end of combat. so if combat started on the 3rd, they leveled to 4 on the 6th, and combat ends on the 12th, you would do TBX till the 6th, and do the TBX from the 6th till the 12th with level 4th TBX
LOL. I have a good handle on how to do TBX/TBG calculations. ;)

The day combat ends, is the day the level up is calculated from, even if you reached it via TBX in the middle, IIRC. Other wise it gets too messy.

What I don't have is the actual starting EXP for each of you and the dates you were eligible to level up. Of course, if Mowgli plugs you both into that handy calculation Excel spread sheet, we can save everyone calculator time. :p I can do it by hand too, if you guys have those dates (those are the key).

In my own games, I track that stuff all on the opening post, but the information is not easily found there at the moment with the changes.

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To use the sheet I'd need to have the dates that each combat encounter was finished; sadly, galahad did not include those dates in the first post. It would almost be more trouble to comb through all 1000+ posts to find those dates than the trouble I'd save by using the sheet.

I think I've got Frost all figured - I've been doing a fair job of keeping up as I went.

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EDIT - Actually, now that I look at it I have most of the encounter dates in my HL journal. I'll see if I can find the rest and plug the numbers in. It might take a day or two . . .


I have seen Frost's sheet and think you have teh numbers mostly there. So if you have teh starting XP, dates of level ups (I think we will assume they are correct) , then I can independently calculate if necessary.

What we need is the dates of Aradra's level up eligibility. I think the one that is hard to determine level 5. My impression is that he was delayed in leveling.

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Well, crap. I went to put the numbers into my sheet and realized that galahad didn't list the starting XP for each character; I need that as well. Probably easier to go through and pick out jackslate's level up dates and do it by hand.

I've got Kalinn's sheet all fixed up with the final numbers from Bloodcove. I've also gotten SK's go-ahead to use DMC to level her to 7 before his island adventure so she'll be able to "afford" the upgrades to Hafísbíta as well as the armor I'd like to get for her. I included those DMC in the totals for Bloodcove.

I haven't leveled her yet 'cause I've just run out of time - gonna be rushed to get to work on time as it is . . .

pm, thanks a TON for taking over and finishing out this adventure! I had a blast . . . the encounters were challenging enough that we were really tested, and I was actually afraid for Frost's life there at the end, but no one died. That makes for a great game!


I want to say Aradra leveled in early December, right around the time you stared working on taking it over. He never leveled though until Janurary due to being in the middle if combat I do not have Mowlgi's sheet at work, so I cannot even look at the actual dates until 30 hours from now (Tuesdays are incredibly long for me)

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Kalinn slogs her way back through the jungles of Heth and across the breadth of the continent to Venza. As she goes, she finds herself wondering why she continues to lug the extra weight of the falchion along . . .

What is it about this sword? I've no desire to use any sword but that of my forefathers . . . why do I have this strange reluctance to hold on to the blade?

Each night as she beds down she carefully places the blade beside Hafísbíta, wondering even as she does so why she feels such a compulsion. In the mornings she wakes to find the weapons touching at the hilt regardless of their placement the night before, but somehow this feels . . . right . . . as well.


PM: is there anything else you need from me? I am going to try and reconstruct the leveling for Aradra tonight an to tomorrow.
Just starting XP and dates of leveling up (Actual not approval). That one where you guys were stalled in the middle of combat can be dated based on TBX awards, not the end of the encounter.


Aventure started 11 March 2011 (Japan Earthquake day :( ) until 18 Apr 2012. = 406 days.
* Galahad DMC = (279days x .07) 19.53
* perrinmiller DMC = (127days x .07) 8.89

Start: 772xp + (17days x 7) 119xp
Level 2: 26 Mar 2011 -> (76days x 11) 836xp
Level 3: 10 Jun 2011 -> (83days x 15) 1245xp
Level 4: 31 Aug 2011 -> (166days x 22) 3652xp (with 5 DMC)
Level 5: 17 Sep 2011 -> (128days x 28) 3584xp
Level 6: 23 Jan 2012 -> (128days x 44) 5632xp (with 2 DMC)
Level 7: 31 Mar 2012 -> (18days x 61) 1098xp
Enc XP: 7500xp
Total = 24,438xp

Level 1: (17days x 6) 102gp
Level 2: 26 Mar 2011 -> (76days x 11) 836gp
Level 3: 10 Jun 2011 -> (83days x 17) 1411gp
Level 4: 31 Aug 2011 -> (166days x 25) 4150gp (with 5 DMC)
Level 5: 17 Sep 2011 -> (128days x 31) 3968gp
Level 6: 23 Jan 2012 -> (128days x 42) 5376gp (with 2 DMC)
Level 7: 31 Mar 2012 -> (18days x 53) 954gp
Enc XP: 9760gp
Total = +26,557gp

Start: 2039xp + (48days x 11) 528xp
Level 3: 27 Apr 2011 -> (110days x 15) 1650xp
Level 4: 15 Aug 2011 -> (144days x 22) 3168xp
Level 5: 06 Jan 2011 -> (85days x 28) 2380xp
Level 6: 31 Mar 2012 -> (18days x 44) 792xp
Enc XP: 7500xp
Total = 18,057xp

Level 2: (48days x 11) 528gp
Level 3: 27 Apr 2011 -> (110days x 17) 1870gp
Level 4: 15 Aug 2011 -> (144days x 25) 3600gp
Level 5: 06 Jan 2011 -> (85days x 31) 2635gp
Level 6: 31 Mar 2012 -> (18days x 42) 756gp
Enc XP: 9760gp
Total = +19,149gp

Okay, I went back and looked for myself on the leveling dates for after the last combat with all 6 party members. I have you actually leveling sooner than you guys thought.

@GlassEye , can you take a look and see?
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[MENTION=40413]GlassEye[/MENTION]; I adjusted for TBX/TBG staying at the previous level on the day of leveling as you said in Escort Service. Now you can take a look, please.


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I approve those final numbers. Good work, guys! And special thanks for jumping in there and taking over when the DM vanished, perrin.