Bloomington, IN: Players wanted for real-life game

Ed Gentry

Seeking RPG players
Our group has been running for 5+ years, mostly Pathfinder but some 4e and Savage Worlds. Usually we have three couples. One of the couples is leaving town so we need to replace them.

We're looking for two players, older, more mature. We're into laughs and good times and roleplaying. No drama, drinking (occasional beer, maybe), drugs, or rules lawyering. A couple would be cool but not required. Completely new players are more than welcome.

If you, and we, like what we hear, we'll schedule a meet to interview one another to see what kind of fit there might be.
We typically play once a week for about 4 hours. All you need is a willingness to have fun, we can supply the rest.

If interested, please email: and tell us a bit about yourself.