Boardgame Weekend - Summer Edition 2014

Jan van Leyden

I just returned from our boargaming weekend we held for the sixth time in the Sauerland.

Two days of gaming with 30 grown-ups and 15 children make for lots of dice rolling, card drawing, and scheming fun!

This year I came to play: La Granja, Wikinger, Splendor (many, many times), Bang, Abyss, Brass, Lords of Waterdeep (finally!), Metro, Cathai, El Grande, Tuvalu, Tikal, and many more the smaller games in between.

Well, tomorrow at work will be ineresting: can an old fart like me make do with two nights with three hours of sleep each? We'll see...

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Fátima Little

First Post
Hi, with regards to board games, this reminds me of our family bonding time using "Up Words" as our game. We do usually have it during weekends . It is similar to scrabble. It is fun and it is good also for students because it may improve their vocabularies:)

Jan van Leyden

any more details/input on the games you played?

Hard to say, what do you want to know? We had intricate, complex games (La Granja, Brass) and simple ones (Splendor, Bang!). We played old (Metro, El Grande) and new ones (Abyss), well-known (Lords of Waterdeep) and obscure (Cathai) games.

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