Bounty: Kyn'taen



Accused: kyn'taen (kin tane)
Date: July 04 2004
Time: Approx. 21:56 pst
Place of Incident: Emporium marketplace, Juxta City, Juxtaposition.
Crime: Murder

Notes: (from player) kyn'taen approaches the vendor and smiles crookedly at him. In a whithered voice, he speaks "What can I do for you m'lady?" *She grins, and with her free hand, grabs the man by his tunic collar, pulling him to her in an instant. Several potions and bottles tip and some break. With an odd smile forming, she plunges the double bladed dagger into the merchant's stomach, and gives it a good twist before pulling it cleanly free and dropping the man on his table. In less than a minute, the man simply vanishes, as is the way in juxta with death.

Description of Accused: Drow. Ebon skin, turquoise eyes. Dirty white hair cut in a bob. Visibly 25years old. 5ft 3in. Small black top with a diamond detail, low breeches. Gloves and boots. Armed with whip, unusual double throwing daggers, double edged sword.

Bounty number: N-349A2
Reward: 1000gp

This bounty is valid throughout the lands of Juxtaposition and may be claimed at the Tower of Evengil in Juxta City. Report to a Marshal for directions if required.
Be sure to have the number of the bounty with you.

Wanted Dead or Alive

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