Bounty: Ness Nogard



Name of the accused criminal: Ness Nogard

Date the incident occurred (as it is in the United States): 7-22-04

Time the incident occurred (pacific time): 3:00pm

Where it took place: City of Filia

Crime: The destruction of the City of Filia

Any notes relevant about the incident that are not covered above:
Filia was destroyed, not many survivors. This 'Creature' must be
killed for those of you brave enough to attempt this feat. We have
tracked the 'creatures' whereabouts to this location.

Description of accused criminal: Breed unknown but looks to be
human. Light skin, Violet eyes, and bright rose red hair. 17 years
of age, standing at about 5'4" weighing 109. A powerful magic lies
behind her gentle looks She is dressed in a black shirt and black
pants that look to be the night sky with stars glittering over the
outfit. In her hand is a 6 foot wood staff with red ruins that
glow dimly carved up and down the staff.

Bounty: 1000gp

Bounty number: C-1608

This bounty is not legal to the lands of Juxta or Oerth and must be claimed from Kordrak.

Kordrak is a darkly tanned man of unknown age with short spiked white hair and red eyes.
He is most commonly dressed in a pair of dark brown pants and knee high boots, a dark green vest with a long sleeved shirt under it, and black wrist braces. He carries a longsword on his back and bow and quiver on his shoulder.
Kordrak is often found at the Crossroads Tavern in Ford Keep on Oerth.

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The Bounty

*Kordrak walks to the boards and posts a note on Ness_nogard's bounty*

For those of you going after this being and for those of you just thinking about it, her bounty is 7,000 platinum! That should be enough for you to kill her. Ness Nogard is wanted dead! As proof of her death, bring me her staff and you will get your pay.

*the note is signed*

Kordrak DarkLight


First Post
*Looks at the board and collapses in laughter*

Seven thousand platinum! What are you trying to pull! Like we are going to believe that a nobody like you has that much money to waste...not even great kings have that much in there treasury!




*glances at the bounty notice*

On the contratory Zeren, many, many people have that money. Such as this man Kordrak, and soon me. I'll take your job and bring you the staff, where praytell can I find you when I have it?
~Jaerc Morningstar

*Jaerc fishes in a pouch for a minute and pulls out his Bounty Hunter ring looking at the sword suspended over scales*
I haven't used this since Reesa left
*Jaerc quickly uses the ring to put a seal at the bottom of his note*



A figure examining the notice writes a paper up, and does not sign it.

I cannot allow Ness to be destroyed. I owe her a... loyalty. The destruction was unwarranted, and if you know me, put a bounty on my head if you will, but I will not allow for this.



*large blue figure walks to the boards, checking up on some of the talk on the town.. he spots a familiar name. After seeing the nice price placed upon this fine young lady, he tilts his head in thought and simply scrawls.*

Pathetic.. you can't take care of this problem yourself? You should think before posting such a large bounty, so... irrationably... You see sir.. What was it.. Darklight... I happen to know this young individual, and if you want her, you'll need me as well.

*he then stabs the knife he used to prick his finger and write with into the board, placing the bleeding thumb square under his signature.*




*Kordrak glances at the boards and grabs some paper to write on*

Myself along with some friends and the survivors of the city have put this 7k platinum bounty together. If any of you do bring me Ness’s staff as proof of her death, you will be paid in full. I could take care of this matter on my own. But I have other businesses to attend to. And its much more fun to watch the skill of others. You may find me in the tavern. Or send a letter by horse and set up a meeting time.

*Kordrak writes an address to mail the letter to*

(e-mail Kordrak at )

*the messages is signed*


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