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Breathe (2024)

Breathe is a heart pounding thriller set in the future. After Earth is left uninhabitable due to lack of oxygen, a mother Maya (Jennifer Hudson) and her daughter Zora (Quvenzhané Wallis) are forced to live underground, with short trips to the surface only made possible by a coveted state of the art oxygen suit made by Maya’s husband, Darius, whom she presumes to be dead. When a mysterious couple arrives claiming to know Darius and his fate, Maya tentatively agrees to let them into their bunker but these visitors are not who they claim to be ensuing in mother and daughter fighting for survival

Interesting that they plan to release this both in theaters and on digital

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First impression is that they need one of these, since it seems stolen.


Second impression is that the trailer looks ok and might be one to watch on Netflix or something.


Well, oxygen isn't terribly hard to make as long as there is water and electricity...for that matter...neither is hydrogen.

Secondly...is this a secret Resident Evil movie. I don't see the Zombies...but I see her and an apocalyptic world...

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