D&D 5E Bringing SJ's Reigar to 5e's multiverse setting

This is deep dive into some of Spelljammer's lore but one of the ancient races of the Spheres are the Reigar, a bunch of beautiful androgynous beings (I think they were inspired by David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust persona) focused on the idea of art and aesthetics, said to be the elder race that taught things to Elves, Gnomes and other races across the spheres. They use constructs such as Helots as minions, and green amazonian clone warriors known as Lakshu as their shock troopers, and have ships known as Esthetics. And while described as a magic item back in 2e, they have shapeable magical constructs called Shakti (a misnomer as the Sanskirt word "Shakti" refers to cosmic energy).

So how do we bring the Reigar into 5e?

First of all they're sort of the "More Elven than Elves", and one of the things I pointed out in the last UA was that the "Astral Elves" might just better suited for the Reigar. Then that leaves the question about what creature type are they?
Are they Humanoid? Like the old SJ lore implied.
Are the Fey? Because they are highly magical and already act like some Fey.
Or are they Celestials? They manipulate cosmic energy and make constructs out of them.

As monsters I assume they'd be relatively high level threats, spellcasters with legendary actions and the like. Though I think you could change "Astral Elves" to Reigar, are they even viable as a PC race?

Whether they from Wildspace or the Astral Plane, I guess depends on which way 5e is going with Spelljammer and the setting.

For their aesthetically crafted clone troopers, the Lakshu, I think they should be of whatever gender the Reigar that created them wants them to be, the all-female Lakshu of 2e was just a fashionable trend that a bunch of Reigar followed at the time.

Any other ideas on how the Reigar could be updated for 5e?

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