D&D General Is Spelljammer really that bad?


Did you ever buy any of the Marvel MCU movies? Why pay the money for a watered down echo of the comics?

Maybe because, for many people, they had never read the comics and therefore it wasn't a watered down echo, but actually a first time seeing the story.

And again, I can sell you a setting for millions, or you could find a setting for free. Does the price tag really indicate the quality of the setting? Do we have price guide for settings that tells us that if you are paying a dollar for every 5 pages you have spent too much money?

Nope didn't buy MCU movies and think the MCU and superhero comics are both meh.

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I like the slipcase setup.
Everything feels sturdy.
Useful GM screen.
The setting book is as much as I'd want to read nowadays and the bestiary does its job.
The adventure is awful though. Silly railroad; way too many NPC-NPC conversations and too much fetch questing where the person doesn't have the thing you need to fetch, but they know a guy who might have it.


I think that one of the big issues with 5e Spelljammer is that they sporked the release, each of the three books felt like they maybe should have had more material but there simply wasn't enough space in the format. The Spelljamming and ship mechanics have been greatly simplified and I'm not sure whether this is for space reasons or to put more of an emphasis on narrative play. I hoping that more material would surface on DMs Guild in the same way that Domains of Delight or Journeys beyond the Radiant Citadel did but so far there hasn't be anything official (apart from Spelljammer Academy).

Ultimately I am lucky enough to own almost all of the original 2e product line which contains plenty of fluff and fantastic locations I can add in so I can probably make a lot more use of the material there is in the set than someone coming to the product afresh. I still plan on running Light of Xaryxis and I am hoping that my players will enjoy the ride. Even imperfect products can still provide a lot of fun even if they don't live up to our hopes or expectations.


I crit!
I was curios so I went and looked. It's actually risen in rank.

It's 4.5 out of 5 stars with over 2000 reviews.

929 out of all books on Amazon US.

It's at $49.
It's currently doing better than Dragonlance.

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