Release Build a dungeon in a month (terrain)


If you followed last year’s ‘dungeon build along’ series over on YouTube, then you might be pleased to know that I’ll be doing a similar thing again this January…


…however, if you missed it – it was basically a series of short videos (roughly one a week) that showed how you could craft a small dungeon level – just using a few paper printouts (like those shown above) and a couple of household items (scraps of cardboard, empty toilet roll tubes, hot-glue, etc.).

As always, the pdf file is a pay-what-you-want download over on DriveThruRPG (so feel free to pay as little/much as you like) – and if you’re looking to expand upon the last set of encounters, or just want to start the year off with a fun crafting project, then feel free to follow along!

Here’s the first part of the project (note that a new episode will be released every Monday throughout this month):

Hope you’ll join me!

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