Building a team of Marvel superheroes using ChatGPT.


Trust the Fungus
@Morrus From the originating thread:

VK said:
We are going to brainstorm the premise and team composition of a new Marvel comic book, focusing on newer and younger characters.

1. All responses should be in context of the mainstream 616 Marvel comics timeline, Spider-Verse properties, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the 928 MC2 comics imprint.

2. All team members should be young/new characters, legacy characters of older more established characters, characters from the MC2 timeline, or characters from All New All Different Marvel.

3. Assume that the events of this comic take place 15-20 years after the current Marvel timeline and stories.

4. The core of the team will be Mayday Parker and April Parker as young adults in their mid-twenties. Mayday is a college graduate with a post-grad degree. Do not recommend other characters with spider-powers.

ChatGPT said:
Building a new Marvel team sounds exciting! Given your criteria, here's a lineup that could be engaging:

### Team Name: "Next Generation Avengers"

#### Core Members:

1. Mayday Parker (Spider-Girl) - As the central figure and a seasoned hero, Mayday acts as the team's leader. Her experience, intelligence, and leadership skills make her a natural fit.

2. April Parker (Mayhem) - Partnered with Mayday, April brings a different energy to the team, characterized by her rebellious nature and fierce determination. Her powers and personality add depth to the dynamic.

#### Additional Members:

3. Luna Maximoff - Daughter of Quicksilver and Crystal, Luna possesses powerful Inhuman abilities. She's older now and has honed her skills, making her a valuable asset to the team.

4. James Rogers - Son of Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), James embodies the legacy of both his parents. He wields a mix of combat skills and the iconic shield.

5. Torunn - Thor's daughter from an alternate future, Torunn has impressive Asgardian abilities and her own unique connection to Mjolnir.

6. Nathaniel Richards (Iron Lad) - Heir to the legacy of Kang the Conqueror, Nathaniel has wrestled with his family's history but now seeks to use his technological genius for good.

### Premise:

The team operates in a world where the older generation of heroes has either retired, disappeared, or stepped back from active duty. New threats have emerged, and the Next Generation Avengers rise to protect the world.

The comic explores the challenges of living up to legendary legacies while forging new identities and facing contemporary issues. Each character brings their unique perspective, struggles, and growth to the team, navigating a world that's both familiar and dramatically changed.

### Sources for Further Inspiration:

1. "The Future Foundation" - Explore the comics featuring the younger generation of heroes and their adventures in the Fantastic Four universe.

2. "Young Avengers" - Discover stories about younger heroes forming their own team and dealing with complex issues.

3. "Champions" - Follow the adventures of a group of young heroes, including Ms. Marvel and Miles Morales, as they tackle social issues and global threats.

This setup allows for exploration of legacy, identity, and the responsibilities of being a hero while offering a fresh take on the Marvel Universe. What do you think?

ChatGPT always finds my ideas "exciting" or something of the sort. I'm sure its programmed to say that for every project its users propose, but this feature genuinely does make me feel more excited about working with it. A+

VK said:
We are going to call our team simply "The Avengers". We will refer to the Avengers in the comics as the "616 Avengers" and the the Avengers in the cinematic universe as the "MCU Avengers" to disambiguate.

We are going to add two more team members:

1. Reilly Tyne, "Darkdevil". Reilly has the powers and history from his MC2 counterpart.

2. Valeria Richards, with no codename. Valeria is a scientific and technical supergenius like her father, and a powerful sorcerer like her godfather, Doctor Doom. Valeria wields mystical armaments of her own design, based on the powers of her parents, Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman.Reilly and Valeria are a few years older than Mayday and April, in their late twenties or early thirties. Reilly and Valeria are in a long-term romantic relationship but have avoided talking about their future.

Do not suggest other sorcerers or mystical characters.

I forgot to specify that ChatGPT's suggestions should be suggestions, while mine affected the roster directly. It added Valeria and Reilly to the list of members it had suggested.

VK said:
Specify that Reilly and Valeria are core members, alongside Mayday and April.

Add Gabby Kinney, "Honey Badger", and Evan Sabanur to the core team. They are younger than Mayday, between 18 and 21 years; they are adults.Those six are our core team.

Do not suggest additional team members.

ChatGPT said:
Certainly! Here's the updated core team of "The Avengers" as per your specifications:

### Team: "The Avengers"

#### Core Members:

1. Mayday Parker (Spider-Girl)
2. April Parker (Mayhem)
3. Reilly Tyne (Darkdevil)
4. Valeria Richards
5. Gabby Kinney (Honey Badger)
6. Evan Sabanur

### Dynamics:

With this core team, a diverse range of ages, powers, and personalities is represented. The mix of older, experienced heroes like Mayday, April, Reilly, and Valeria with the younger, up-and-coming heroes like Gabby and Evan creates an engaging dynamic.

Gabby and Evan, being younger and newer to the superhero scene, bring a fresh perspective and youthful energy to the team. Their experiences as younger heroes trying to find their place alongside established figures like Mayday and Reilly can lead to interesting storylines focused on growth, mentorship, and camaraderie.

### Story Arc Possibilities:

1. Mentorship and Growth: Mayday, April, Reilly, and Valeria take on mentorship roles, guiding Gabby and Evan in navigating the complexities of heroism and the responsibilities that come with it.

2. Interpersonal Relationships: The varied ages and experiences within the team can lead to intriguing relationships and conflicts, exploring how different perspectives and backgrounds affect teamwork and decision-making.

### Further Sources:

To delve deeper into the dynamics and growth of a team with a mix of experienced and younger members:

- "New Mutants" (2019 series) - Explores the journey of a new generation of mutants coming into their powers and dealing with the responsibilities that accompany them.

- "Young Justice" - Follows the adventures of a group of younger heroes as they balance their personal lives and superhero duties.

This core team offers a rich ground for exploring the complexities of heroism, relationships, and the passing of the torch to the next generation of Avengers. How do you envision the team dynamics playing out between these different age groups?

As others noted, ChatGPT's memory gets a little fuzzy the longer its "context window" becomes, so I'm going to put a pin in this session while I work out character details-- so I can introduce those character details later, in a shorter window.

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Trust the Fungus
VK said:
We're going to speculate about the future of some fictional characters. The characters are Mayday Parker and April Parker from the Marvel MC2 universe.Their shared history is going to follow canon until it diverges following the events of "Spider-Girl: The End".

ChatGPT said:
In the "Spider-Girl: The End" storyline, the future of Mayday Parker (Spider-Girl) diverges significantly from the main Marvel continuity. However, if we were to speculate further on the futures of Mayday and April Parker after this divergence, we'd likely delve into creative possibilities given their unique heritage and the imaginative realm of comics.

Considering the resilient nature of the Spider-Girl character, it's feasible to envision a future where Mayday continues her adventures as Spider-Girl, potentially taking on greater responsibilities or facing new challenges. Her experiences could lead to growth, perhaps evolving her powers, developing new alliances, or facing more complex adversaries.

April Parker, as Venom (Mayhem), has a complex arc with the potential for significant development. The symbiote's influence on her could present a fascinating narrative path, possibly exploring a struggle for control or a redemption arc as she grapples with her dual nature.

The MC2 universe allows for creative freedom, enabling various directions for these characters. Exploring potential alliances, clashes with new villains, and personal growth arcs could add depth to their stories.

For more insights or diverse speculations on their future, considering the Marvel Comics community or forums might offer a multitude of imaginative ideas and perspectives. Additionally, exploring related comics or stories within the MC2 universe could provide further inspiration and direction for their potential futures.

ChatGPT... does this, a lot, and I don't know how to make it stop. Going forward, I'm going to skip such sections... and inform you, gentle reader, when I have done so.

VK said:
Following "Spider-Girl: the End", April Parker is presumed dead. Mayday continues searching for her for months afterward, and visits the site of her "death" for years afterward. Mayday goes on with her life, finishing high school and attending college and then graduate school while continuing her superhero activities as Spider-Girl.

Mayday takes part in the events of "Spider-Verse" and "Spider-Geddon", and assumes the superhero name "Spider-Woman" after the death of her father. She is a founding member of a new team of Avengers, alongside Shannon Carter and Gabby Kinney.

April flees the scene of her "death" and spends several years struggling with the memories of her older self and the enormity of the harm she almost caused. She also takes part in "Spider-Verse" and "Spider-Geddon", which convinces her that she needs to return to her family. She discovers her father's death, and the arrival of the new Uncle Ben, and tries to reintegrate herself into the family she remembers tearing apart.

ChatGPT said:
The evolution of both Mayday and April Parker after the events of "Spider-Girl: The End" showcases a compelling narrative of growth, resilience, and the complexities of family dynamics within the superhero realm.

Mayday's progression into "Spider-Woman" and her involvement in the Spider-Verse and Spider-Geddon events not only solidifies her role as a prominent hero but also signifies her willingness to adapt and step into new responsibilities following the loss of her father. Assuming the mantle of "Spider-Woman" reflects her maturity and determination to carry on her father's legacy while establishing her own identity as a superhero.

Her involvement as a founding member of a new Avengers team underscores her significance within the superhero community, highlighting her leadership abilities and her capacity to collaborate with other notable heroes like Shannon Carter and Gabby Kinney. The synergy between her personal life, education, and superhero activities emphasizes her multifaceted character and dedication to both her civilian and heroic duties.

April's journey is equally intriguing, marked by internal conflict and the burden of her past actions. Her decision to flee and grapple with the memories of her older self indicates a profound struggle for redemption and self-understanding. Participating in events like Spider-Verse and Spider-Geddon possibly offers her a chance at self-reflection and a realization of the need for reconciliation.

Her attempt to reintegrate into her family after discovering her father's death and the arrival of the new Uncle Ben reflects a desire for redemption and reconnection. The complexities arising from her past actions and the impact on her family dynamics could offer rich storytelling opportunities, exploring themes of forgiveness, second chances, and the quest for redemption.

The intertwining paths of Mayday and April, each grappling with their own challenges and growth, offer a layered narrative ripe for exploration of familial ties, personal identity, and the enduring legacy of superheroism.

Exploring their journeys through comic series, fan discussions, or analysis within the Marvel universe could provide further depth and diverse perspectives on the evolution of these characters.


Trust the Fungus
Mayday's mentors as a superhero were Peter Parker and Ben Parker.

April's mentors, following her death, were Kaine Parker and Eddie Brock.

Tell me how Mayday and April would approach fighting the following enemies alone: Carnage, Norman Osborn, N'Astirh, Morlun, the Hulk. Tell me how they would disagree over each enemy, then tell me how they would agree to fight the enemy together.

This... was a bust. It gave a very good answer for Carnage... and basically repeated the same answer for everyone else. Interestingly.... for everyone but the Hulk, Mayday's approach would be "strategic and methodical" and April's would be "direct and aggressive"-- but for the Hulk, it noted that Mayday would approach Hulk psychologically, trying to understand and calm him... but for the Hulk and N'Astirh, it suggested that April would be more cautious and tactical, reflecting Kaine's influence.


Trust the Fungus
Tell me in detail how these Avengers would handle the plot of "Maximum Carnage"

ChatGPT said:
"Maximum Carnage" is a storyline known for its intense, widespread chaos and violence. Here's how the Avengers team might handle this crisis:

### The Setup:

Carnage, fueled by his symbiote's bloodlust, gathers a team of twisted allies to wreak havoc across the city. His rampage quickly escalates into widespread chaos, with innocent lives at risk.

### Avengers' Response:

1. Mayday Parker (Spider-Girl): Taking a leadership role, Mayday coordinates the team's efforts. Her experience in dealing with symbiotes and her knowledge of Carnage's tactics become invaluable.

2. April Parker (Mayhem): April's street-smart approach and her ability to harness her symbiote powers are crucial in tracking down Carnage's movements. Her connection to the symbiote helps understand Carnage's motives and anticipate his actions.

3. Reilly Tyne (Darkdevil): Reilly's familiarity with street-level crime and his powers inherited from his MC2 counterpart assist in locating Carnage's hideouts and dealing with his twisted allies.

4. Valeria Richards: Valeria's scientific expertise is instrumental in devising tech-based solutions to contain the symbiotes and analyze their weaknesses. Her knowledge of mystical arts, inspired by Doctor Doom, also aids in countering Carnage's dark forces.

5. Gabby Kinney (Honey Badger): Gabby's agility and healing factor prove invaluable in rescuing civilians caught in Carnage's rampage. Her positive spirit and quick thinking uplift the team's morale during the chaos.

6. Evan Sabanur: Evan's empathetic nature allows him to connect with those affected by Carnage's influence. His powers to generate and manipulate energy could disrupt symbiote bonds and provide a shield against their attacks.

### Strategy:

1. Containment and Rescue: The team divides to contain symbiote-infected areas, rescuing civilians and preventing the spread of chaos. April and Mayday lead rescue missions, while Reilly and Evan assist in containment efforts.

2. Tech-based Countermeasures: Valeria works on developing sonic and technological weaponry to weaken the symbiotes, drawing inspiration from her parents' scientific achievements.

3. Isolation and Neutralization: Mayday strategizes on isolating Carnage's allies, targeting their weaknesses, and neutralizing their symbiote-enhanced powers. Gabby's agility proves vital in swift takedowns.

4. Community Support: Evan establishes safe zones, calming affected individuals, and bolstering community support to resist Carnage's influence.

### Conclusion:

The Avengers' collaborative efforts and diverse abilities allow them to contain Carnage's chaos gradually. Through a combination of strategy, technology, empathy, and strength, they manage to quell the symbiote threat and restore order to the city.

This adaptation of "Maximum Carnage" showcases the team's unity, resourcefulness, and the individual strengths they bring to the table, emphasizing their ability to tackle city-wide crises while highlighting their bonds as a superhero team.

Which side would each of these Avengers take in Civil War?

VK said:
Given their backgrounds, ideologies, and personalities, here's a speculative breakdown of which side each member of the Avengers might align with during the Civil War event:

### Pro-Registration (Team Iron Man):

1. Valeria Richards: Valeria's scientific inclination and rational thinking might lead her to support registration. Her belief in regulation and order aligns with the idea of accountability.

2. Evan Sabanur: Evan's respect for authority figures like Xavier and Cyclops might incline him towards supporting registration. His desire for a structured approach to conflict resolution might sway him to Team Iron Man.

### Anti-Registration (Team Captain America):

1. Mayday Parker (Spider-Girl): Mayday values individual freedom and privacy, likely siding against registration. Her upbringing and admiration for Captain America's ideals of personal responsibility without government oversight may lead her to Team Captain America.

2. April Parker (Mayhem): April's rebellious nature and distrust of authority, shaped by her experiences, might place her on Captain America's side. Her instincts to protect personal freedoms and her sister's influence could sway her away from registration.

3. Reilly Tyne (Darkdevil): Reilly's experiences dealing with moral complexities might lead him to question the ethics of registration. His sense of personal responsibility, much like his mentor Daredevil, could align him with Team Captain America.

4. Gabby Kinney (Honey Badger): Gabby's youthful exuberance and desire for freedom might push her to oppose registration. Her close bond with Mayday and April could influence her choice to support Team Captain America.

### Potential Neutral or Mediating Role:

Given their complex backgrounds and diverse influences, Valeria and Evan might hold nuanced views or try to mediate between the opposing sides. Their respect for authority and desire for order could lead them to advocate for compromise rather than outright alignment with either faction.

These alignments are speculative, considering the characters' values, experiences, and relationships. The Civil War event highlights conflicting ideologies and personal beliefs, providing a platform to explore the complexities of heroism and accountability within the Marvel Universe.

There's some meat.


Trust the Fungus
Tell me about each Avenger's personal enemies, and then suggest some possible enemies for the team as a whole.

ChatGPT said:
Certainly, here are the personal enemies of each Avenger and potential adversaries for your team as a whole:

### Personal Enemies:

1. Mayday Parker (Spider-Girl): Her personal enemies include villains like Normie Osborn, heir to the Green Goblin legacy, and Raptor, a dangerous foe from her solo adventures.

2. April Parker (Mayhem): April has faced antagonists like Swarm, a villain made of bees, and Lady Octopus, who has clashed with both April and Mayday.

3. Reilly Tyne (Darkdevil): Reilly's adversaries include Demogoblin, a demonic entity, and Morphine Somers, an influential crime boss in the MC2 universe.

4. Valeria Richards: Valeria's enemies might include Cassandra Richards, an alternate version of herself, and Nihilus, a powerful cosmic entity threatening realities.

5. Gabby Kinney (Honey Badger): Gabby has encountered foes like Daken, Wolverine's son, and The Stepford Cuckoos, powerful psychic clones with ties to her sister, Laura Kinney.

6. Evan Sabanur: Evan might face adversaries like Mr. Sinister, a geneticist obsessed with mutant genetics, and Genesis, a character tied to Apocalypse's legacy.

Holly Carp. There's some really good stuff in here... and then #6. Can't win them all.

ChatGPT said:
### Potential Enemies for the Team:

1. Symbiote Collective: A group of symbiotes led by a new, powerful symbiote host could pose a significant threat, drawing from April and Reilly's experience with symbiotes.

2. Legacy Villains Coalition: A coalition of enemies tied to the legacies of Spider-Man, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, and other iconic heroes could target your team, exploiting their connections and vulnerabilities.

3. Multiversal Threat: An entity threatening the stability of the multiverse, like an alternate reality conqueror or a cosmic entity like the Beyonders, could challenge the team's unity and abilities.

4. Tech-Savvy Villain Alliance: A coalition of tech-based villains using advanced gadgets, led by someone like Mister Sinister or a reformed Doctor Octopus, could exploit Valeria's intelligence and the team's reliance on technology.

5. Magical Menace: A powerful sorcerer or a cult aiming to manipulate the balance of mystical forces might target Valeria and challenge the team's understanding of magic.

6. Mutant Extremists: A group of mutant extremists led by a radical leader, possibly inspired by Evan's heritage, could pose a threat, testing the team's stance on mutant-related conflicts.

These adversaries could exploit the team's weaknesses, challenge their unity, and put their unique abilities to the test, creating compelling storylines and dynamic conflicts for your Avengers to overcome.

Nothing I wouldn't have come up with in the same amount of time.

Tell me about the Age of Apocalypse version of each character.

ChatGPT said:
The "Age of Apocalypse" (AoA) is a popular alternate reality storyline where the X-Men and various other Marvel characters are depicted in a world where Charles Xavier died before forming the X-Men, leading to a dystopian future ruled by Apocalypse. While the AoA primarily focuses on the X-Men, let's explore AoA versions of your Avengers:

### Age of Apocalypse Versions:

#### 1. Mayhem (April Parker):
- Ruthless Enforcer: April becomes a skilled fighter and tactician, leading a resistance against Apocalypse's rule. She is hardened and pragmatic, wielding symbiote powers with deadly precision.
- Motivation: Fights for survival and freedom, determined to liberate humanity from Apocalypse's tyranny. Her experiences have made her fiercely independent and resourceful.

#### 2. Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker):
- Rebel Vigilante: Mayday adopts a more covert role, using her spider-powers to operate in the shadows. She fights for justice and protection of mutants and humans alike.
- Motivation: Inspired by her father's legacy, she fights against oppression and seeks to restore hope in a world dominated by fear.

#### 3. Darkdevil (Reilly Tyne):
- Mystical Outlaw: Reilly hones his demonic powers and becomes a lone vigilante, using dark magic and combat skills against Apocalypse's forces.
- Motivation: Fueled by a desire for redemption and vengeance against Apocalypse for the suffering caused to his loved ones.

#### 4. Valeria Richards:
- Genius Revolutionary: Valeria harnesses her intelligence to aid the resistance, inventing advanced technology and studying alternate dimensions to find a way to undo the reality's devastation.
- Motivation: Devotes herself to finding a solution to restore the world, seeking redemption for her father's absence in the fight against Apocalypse.

#### 5. Honey Badger (Gabby Kinney):
- Unyielding Protector: Gabby fights with fierce determination, utilizing her enhanced healing and combat skills to safeguard refugees and aid the resistance.
- Motivation: Protects the innocent and seeks to create a better world for those who have suffered under Apocalypse's rule.

#### 6. Sabanur (Evan Sabanur):
- Mutant Messiah: Evan emerges as a beacon of hope among mutants, wielding his vast energy-manipulating abilities to inspire and lead the mutant resistance.
- Motivation: Aims to unite mutants and humans against Apocalypse, believing in coexistence and striving to overthrow the tyrant to bring peace to the fractured world.

### Dynamics and Context:

In the AoA, these versions of your Avengers are thrust into a world torn by war and oppression. Their experiences have shaped them into hardened rebels, each playing a crucial role in the fight against Apocalypse's regime. Their motivations revolve around liberation, redemption, and a desperate struggle for survival in a world dominated by despair. Together, they form a formidable resistance against the overwhelming odds of an apocalyptic reality.

Not terrible, but this is kinda where I feel I get the most use out of ChatGPT, because it can just... keep... doing this, one query after another.

So... let's try to relate this to the purpose of this forum:

ChatGPT said:
Assigning Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) classes and subclasses to the Avengers based on their abilities and personalities can be an interesting exercise. Here's a speculative breakdown:

### Mayday Parker (Spider-Girl):
  • D&D Class: Monk
  • Subclass: Way of the Shadow

### April Parker (Mayhem):
  • D&D Class: Rogue
  • Subclass: Mastermind

### Reilly Tyne (Darkdevil):
  • D&D Class: Warlock
  • Subclass: The Fiend

### Valeria Richards:
  • D&D Class: Artificer
  • Subclass: Artillerist

### Gabby Kinney (Honey Badger):
  • D&D Class: Barbarian
  • Subclass: Path of the Berserker

### Evan Sabanur:
  • D&D Class: Sorcerer
  • Subclass: Divine Soul

These selections are based on their abilities, skills, and personalities, aiming to align them with D&D classes that best reflect their traits and powers within a fantasy role-playing context. Each class and subclass offers a unique way to represent the diverse abilities and backgrounds of your Avengers team.

ChatGPT said:
Designing custom classes for each character in Pathfinder 1st Edition based on their abilities and personas could be a fun exercise. Here's a speculative attempt:

### Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker):
Pathfinder 1E Class: Arachnomancer
  • Key Abilities: Agility, Spider-Like Powers
  • Class Features: Spider Instinct (enhanced senses), Web Walker (ability to traverse surfaces), Venomous Strike (inflicting poison), Spider Reflexes (enhanced evasion)

### Mayhem (April Parker):
Pathfinder 1E Class: Symbiote Infiltrator
  • Key Abilities: Stealth, Symbiote Powers
  • Class Features: Symbiotic Fusion (enhanced physical attributes), Shadow Blend (blending into darkness), Symbiotic Assault (empowered strikes), Unsettling Presence (intimidation aura)

### Darkdevil (Reilly Tyne):
Pathfinder 1E Class: Pact-Bound Vigilante
  • Key Abilities: Dark Powers, Vigilant Skills
  • Class Features: Demonic Pact (gaining infernal abilities), Devil's Sight (seeing in darkness), Hellish Resilience (resistance to harm), Vengeful Strike (dealing cursed damage)

### Valeria Richards:
Pathfinder 1E Class: Arcane Artificer
  • Key Abilities: Intelligence, Inventive Skills
  • Class Features: Inventor's Insight (masterful crafting), Arcane Arsenal (creation of magical items), Analytical Mind (detecting magical properties), Elemental Infusion (infusing items with elemental power)

### Honey Badger (Gabby Kinney):
Pathfinder 1E Class: Feral Enforcer
  • Key Abilities: Strength, Resilience, Feral Traits
  • Class Features: Feral Fury (unleashing powerful strikes), Resilient Stamina (enhanced durability), Animalistic Reflexes (heightened agility), Tenacious Survivor (quick healing)

### Sabanur (Evan Sabanur):
Pathfinder 1E Class: Arcane Emissary
  • Key Abilities: Charisma, Mystic Energies
  • Class Features: Arcane Channeling (channeling energy into spells), Divine Insight (accessing divine knowledge), Ethereal Step (short-range teleportation), Empathic Resonance (affecting emotions through magic)

These custom classes attempt to capture the essence of each character's abilities, powers, and personalities within the mechanics and features of Pathfinder 1st Edition, aligning them with appropriate class abilities and themes reflective of their traits and backgrounds.

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