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Buried Submarine Encounter


Guide of Modos
Irony: the sub is located in the territory formerly known as Montana.

Something interesting: the still-accessible portions of the sub have been converted into a shrine for the local god, Ramius.

Something useful: a dictionary. Because... knowledge is priceless after the apocalypse.

Something dangerous (blue?): the cult references "treasure" deep in the sub. But the further you delve, the stronger the radiation.

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GM Question: setting is a realistic post apocalypse and the PCs find a small black tower isilated in the flat sands. On top is the hatch to a burrried submarine; what 3 things are found inside?
I assume "realistic" means we don't have mutants or aliens or what not that would be lurking in there.

1. Something interesting that adds flavor to the setting or situation?
  • A written account of events related to the apocalypse that are not generally known? Still incomplete, because they had to stay hidden
  • Videomaterial of the crew's life after the apocalypse, before they abandonded the sub (maybe when it was still actually in water)
  • List of communication stations they were able to keep in contact with after the apocalypse. Hinting maybe where else to find survivors. (Maybe including some places the characters know or believe to be dead now.)

2. Something useful that helps them survive longer or gives them potential advantage in the wasteland?
  • A set of working radios
  • Well-preserved ammo (not sure what subs typically carry, but probably nothing large calibre. Still useful)
  • Explosives in the torpedoes that could be recovered and used for other purposes (mining, traps, improvised grenades)
  • Spare parts to build something useful (maybe what they want to build is up to the players to creativity and decision?)
  • Emergency Rations that are still good
  • A water filter
  • A portable solarcell and batteries to go with it. Maybe also some device (radios, a portable computer) that could use it.

3. What obsticle or danger must be overcome?
  • Someone rigged a hatch with explosives, but the trigger mechanism is faulty, which only makes it more dificult to disarm then intended.
  • Damaged hatches that need some work to repair.
  • A hermit that still lives inside, and doesn't respond well to strangers. Insane? Just Hostile? Maybe the dangers are the lies he tells and lead the characters into a trap? maybe the obstacle is just to convince him to let them get some of the useful stuff (without him blowing it up).


The Divine Bomb of course...

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