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Call for 2022 ENNIES Judge - You Be the Judge

ENnie Awards

2022 ENNIES judge nominations are now open! The candidates for ENNIES judge are self-nominated. Anyone meeting the qualifications is eligible to nominate themselves. The nomination form is open until August 14th. More details can be found on the ENNIE Awards website. The judging panel is selected by the voting public at the same time as product voting.

Voting for the judges will take place alongside voting for products from August 18 - 27th.
Nominees and Judges Spotlights will be announced on August 13th.
Winners will be announced during the ENNIE Awards ceremony at Gen Con.

If you know anyone that you think would make a great judge, please encourage them to nominate themselves!

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ENnie Awards

We are still accepting submissions for judge nominations! Also, you can now submit your nomination for Fan Favorite Publisher! Here is your chance to give some love to the publishers.
Favorite Publisher Nomination Form – ENNIE Awards

Also, there is still time for you to nominate yourself for 2022 judge!

Nominations will be announced this Friday the 13th!! Voting for nominations, Judges and Favorite Publisher will take place August 18, 2021 – August 27, 2021.

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