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Call For Play Testers - Claustrophobia!


Claustrophobia! is a light role playing game about garden gnomes on a suicide mission into the Earth's Core. Overseen by the DM (Doom Master), players use a pool of dice rather than specific stats to tell the story of brave discovery on board the HMS Keeton, a scratch built Nuclear Submarine (Subterrine?). Things go from bad to worse as oxygen runs out and the Keeton AI starts complaining about a tummy ache.

I recently entered the 2012 1KM1KT 24 Hour RPG Design Competition with a little game called Claustrophobia!. I'm running play testing until the end of July 2012 and everyone who helps out gets a free copy of the updated book when it comes out later this year. More detail on my blog: www.risingphoenixgames.com/blog/

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