Release Camp Karate: Hot-Blooded Dramatic Roleplay


Camp Karate* is a game about conflict. It’s a game about passion. It's a game about friendship, adversity, and overcoming the odds. It’s a game about bullying, about justice, about being kicked to the ground and getting back up again. It’s about being a kid, a teen, growing up, and being a mentor. Ultimately, it’s a game about life, seen through the cool shades of karate, worked out under the summer sun.


How To Play​

Camp Karate uses D4s, D6s, D8s, D10s, and D12s and is a theatre of the mind, troupe-play game.

Each player controls three or more characters, switching between them for each scene. Create your dice pool by comparing your character to your opponent or the situation they're facing. Spend Passion Dice to keep your cool, or roll them for potentially devastating results. Match or beat the Target Number to succeed, or roll higher than your opponent.

Choose Your Dojo​

Viper-Kai Karate. Strike Fast, Strike First!
Viper-Kai trains winning athletes. A competitive, fighting spirit and a winning drive are the key attributes of any Viper-Kai student. We’re here to win!

Sakura-Do Karate. Firm Roots in Ancient Wisdom
Students of the Sakura-Do dojo learn the ancient wisdom and traditions of traditional karate, through dedication and physical training. Master the self to master any conflict.


You can find Camp Karate at these fine online stores:
Drive Thru RPG
The Open Gaming Store

* Camp Karate was released a month ago, but we finally have all the links ready. Phew!

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