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Campaign ideas ??? Help!!


Makeing year long campaign I need ideas help me!!?
Do you have ANY idea of what sort of campaign you want to run? Do you know what setting? Do you want it to be a narrative based campaign where you have a story that the PCs follow, or do you want it open ended, or?

Basically, Im happy to help with ideas. I just need more of an idea of what YOU want.


Buy a pre-fab module, like Ghosts of Saltmarsh, or Princes of th Apocalypse.

If you don't have ideas on how to develop a setting, it is best just to take them from something already completed for you.


The PCs sell "Dungeon Insurance" to remote villages in a points-of-light setting. If a village suffers a dungeon-related attack, the PCs pay out, at a loss -- but then they raid the dungeon and gain fabulous treasures! The whole insurance scheme is really just a way to locate active dungeons! Plus, they make money on the float, as Adventure Capitalists.


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Let's imagine a world where there was a titanomachy, a war of titans vs gods, and the titans lost. Then the titans are cursed to be reincarnated as ordinary mortals, forgetting their past lives.

Later there is a rebellion of the mankind against the gods, and mortals win with the help of the lord feys. Now the feys have replaced the old religion, but with their own problems. The giants are the children of the reincarnations of the titans, and they don't remember the past, but they don't like gods nor lord feys. A new titanomachy starts.

Genies were powerful idols but used as slave soldiers in the first titanomachy. Now many of them are free, and they have become new idols... and tyrants. Other genies are slaves still and they don't like to obey their owners... or they like to cause troubles to mortals, creating new stories of adventures and lucky/unlucky heroes.

Deities have disappeared but their clerics can cast spells, or be summoned as vestige spirits for pact magic. And clerics have got a love-hate relation with the favored souls and the psionic ardents, allies against giants, lord feys and genies, but with a different point of view about theology, or clerical authority. (I imagine favored souls like spontaneous divine spellcasters with armour, but also with special class features like a softer version of monster templates).

In the cities their is a urban version of the druid, the Augur. And the necromancers have got a "rival school", the haruspex, the masters of the flesh-shapers (like the equivalent of biopunk technology of the life-shapers rhul-thaun from Dark Sun or the Yuuzhan Vong from Star Wars legends.


Something like Saltmarsh might be perfcet. It's got you covered up to 11th level, but the connection between adventures is loose, so it's pretty easy to weave it around your own material too. Another important question is how often will you be playing and how long the sessions are likely to be. If you are running a pretty standard 6-7 encounter day you can scale that up figure out what kind of planning you need for a year.


I'm planning to run the new essentials about Phandelver coming out in a few weeks. Not sure how long it will run, but I spun 3 campaigns out of the original LMoP boxed set.


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Makeing year long campaign I need ideas help me!!?
Way too little info to provide useful advice, and your tone makes it appear that you’re in over your head?!

What is your experience level? And why have you apparently rejected the published adventures?


Lost Mines of Phandelver to start. There are a variety of situations in it, and you can find what your group likes to do. From there, pick another adventure - such as Storm King's Thunder or Princes of the Apocalypse - that you can drop in and out of the main plot as player interest determines. By the time you are mostly finished with those, you should be able to write your own plot and/or have a better idea what interesting modules are out there.


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Way too little info to provide useful advice, and your tone makes it appear that you’re in over your head?!

What is your experience level? And why have you apparently rejected the published adventures?
All good questions.