Campaign Timeline


Chapter I: What Hath Been Wrought - In which the heroes flee a city smashing tsunami, there is an invasion of Deep Ones, and the question is first asked, "Where is Keeropus?"
Chapter II: Of Sound Mind - In which a call for help is heard, a journey is made, a missing nephew is sought, dungeons are explored, an ancient Dracolich is defeated, and the heroes pick up the trail of The Esoteric Order of the Golden Globe.
Chaper III: For Whom the Bell Tolls - In which lions are hunted, a murder has occurred, a villain is sought, foundaries and temples are inspected, and all ends in blood and fire.
Chapter IV: The Unopenable Tome - In which a book that cannot be read is missing, a chase occurs, a war between rival smugglers is discovered, the catacombs are first entered, there is a voyage by sea, and the characters recieve their first hint of the scale of the danger from a necromantic glyph.
Chapter V: What Lies Beneath - In which the catacombs both lesser and great are explored, the true purpose and guise of Tarkus the Necromancer is revealed, assassins are thwarted, the players recieve their first hints about the great machine, and a fire is extinguished.
Chapter VI: The Sins of the Fathers - In which the heroes go hunting, a dark past is unearthed, and an ancient curse is appeased.
Chapter VII: The Wrath of Keepopus - In which the heroes participate in a war and arrive as emasaries in the ancient city of Talergna in order to answer the question, "Where is Keeropus"

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