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Can Somoene Help me find some Monster Tokens?


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I am going to be running Keep on the Shadowfell starting this coming Saturday, and I am trying to find some Monster Tokens that I can print on cardstock so I can use them instead of the plain tokens I have been getting in my Encounters stuff.

I actually sat down and figured out how many of each monster I will be needing max per encounter. Here is what I need:

Kobolds - 16
Goblin - 14 (2 unique goblins)
Zombie - 14
Skeletons - 20 (1 unique skeleton)
Rat - 13
Kruthik - 10 (Beast Creatures)
Hobgoblin - 9
Jelly/Slime - 2 (Large (2x2) Creature)
Drake - 2
Human - 8
Gnome - 1
Halfling - 1
Elf - 1
Spider - 1
Clay Scout - 1
Ghoul - 1
Shadow - 1

Obviously I can cut and paste and make my own sheets but I need at least somewhere to start with.

I found some awesome tokens in another thread, but they don't quite have what I need.

Thanks in advance.

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On the Wizards site there are galleries for the minis sets. I downloaded the pics there and cropped them to use as tokens in masterplan.


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Awesome thanks. Looks like they have token sets for all the series, which is what I am going to need.

If you're doing your own printing, their Counter Collection Digital is a great value for the money. The images come as individual files rather than PDFs, which means you can mix and match to get exactly what you want.

Also, a great tip for making your own tokens is to buy some chipboard scrapbook covers at your local art store, paste the cardstock (or better yet, glossy paper) to the chipboard, and cut out the tokens. You get some great, heavy duty tokens that way. You'll need a heavy duty hobby knife for the cutting.

A third option which is even MORE awesome is to print to Avery full-page self-stick labels, buy a 1" round punch (from the art store)*, punch out the tokens, and stick them to 1" round fender washers (from the hardware store). The tokens look great, are quick and easy to put together, and have a really nice heft.

*You might be able to find 1" round labels instead of buying the punch, but I haven't had any luck yet, and getting the tokens to come out perfectly aligned is hard.

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