Can you add an ignore thread feature?

Greggy C

I like bookmarking the Community new posts section, but there are threads that are constantly updated that I would like to ignore and just not see, so I can focus on looking for things I'm interested in.

I suppose I could write my interface to do that, but be nice if it was a feature out of the box.

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Greggy C

Xenforo doesn’t offer that functionality, I’m afraid.
What about this add on, looks promising?



Mod Squad
Staff member
So, just don’t want to?

Addons to the site have, in the past, proven to create maintenance nightmares. Frequently the add-ons do not remain compatible with the base forum software when it updates. So, Morrus has to be very careful about what he adds to the site.

Maybe this will make the cut, maybe not, but either way, the decision will take a while.

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