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WOIN can you design a space station?

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I'm looking for building rules for building and designing a space station.

How do I go about that in N.E.W.?
Aerotech for Battletech has some very advanced ship building rules up to and including stations. But only as statstics. You could also take an existing module or known item like Babylon 5 or DS9 and rebrand it. Just make sure to make it your own or the feel will always be that show...

I think the many versions of Travler has some great resources.

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You can also use the same elements to make a ground base, including starship weapons as turrets. Very dangerous but only shoot once per minute. Once per round in starship combat, but once every 10 rounds in ground combat.


For some time, I am thinking about to create a subsystem for WOIN which covers all kinds of bases/settlements/etc. Fragged Kingdom has one which I really like, its basically like building a character but it has his own attributes, levels and features. This could also work in WOIN, for example origins become foundations, careers become developments. Advancement only happens after a certain time and they could also fail, so the development makes the attributes worse. There are exploits for successful and failed developments.

This all I got so far...


I know these rules. They work well for normal campaigns where the world is filled with established settlements. My intention is for sandbox campagins like "Kingmaker" or "Pirates of Drinax".

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