WOIN Can you freely choose to take a universal exploit instead of a career exploit?

In closely reading the preview of 1.2 update to OLD, I noticed something I first thought was an error in the Careers and Exploits sections of the rules. But after checking it against other books, it may be that I've just been playing the game wrong ever since I started. But I want to ask to make sure.

My question is, can you freely choose take a universal exploit instead of a career exploit when you gain a grade, before you've taken all the exploits offered by that career?

For example, if my character has three grades of the Bounty Hunter career (from NEW), he can definitely take a universal exploit for the third grade (since Bounty Hunter only has two career exploit options). But if he was only really interested in one of the career exploits, could he skip the other and take a universal exploit for the second grade? (Or, you know, not take any career exploits, just three universal exploits?)

The rules seem to say that you can only take a universal exploit when you've taken all the career exploits already (you can also buy them independently with XP). But that seems hugely limiting to some character progression paths that are very universal-exploit heavy (like Androids that want lots of upgrades, or any Psionic character that wants to use the exploits from the Psionics chapter instead of the ones offered by the psionic careers).

I'm also curious how this rule interacts with repeatable career exploits, like the Signing Bonus exploit that the NEW Athlete career can take any number of times.
OK. If that's the intention, then the rules should reflect it more clearly.

Since I've still got the OLD 1.2 draft open, here are the parts of its rule text that were leading me question my understanding:

Page 31, under Repeating Careers:

Once you have exhausted all of the listed exploits through repetition of a career, you may select a universal exploit instead when you advance a grade in that career.

Page 57, under Universal Exploits:

Characters also gain universal exploits when they repeat a career for which they have already chosen all the available career exploits.

NEW 1.2 has identical text to the latter passage on page 51.