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Can you suggest me fantasy/isekai/tensei webcomics/manwhas?

Some times I read some webcomic as source of inspiration, but I see some times the writters worry to create a good plot, or even a right worldbuiling.

Isekai is manganime about people from our world traveling to a fantasy land. Some times the "superpowers" of the main character work like software of a MMO videogame. Even with a holographic screen to choose in the skill trees.

Tensei is about reencarnation or reboot, some times traveling to the past to avoid a tragic fate.

Manwha is Korean comic. Manhua is Chinese comics, although I suspect this has got harder rules about censorship.

I would rather to read in my first language.

Can you advice me any with an interesting worldbuilding? Some one you could reuse for you own homebred D&D setting.

I liked "the Twins' new Life", "The Villainess Will Crush Her Destruction End Through Modern Firepower". Some times I follow "God bless you", "Into the light once again", "I am being raised by the villains", "Plant monster girl diary", "Upon Time Ago an Zombie Empire", "I became the chef of the dragon king" and "Little Dragon Princess Tames the Crazies",

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WHAT THE (*****)?!


I started other webomic "Cross-Dressing Villainess Cecilia Sylvie" but the translation stopped.

Within the subgenre "fantasy farming" I didn't mention "Solo farming in the tower".

Other manga I am interested is "Only I Know That the World Will End". This is different. To start is a reverse isekai, this means our world being invaded by monsters. There is reincarnation, or I should say reboot, and several times.

I started to read some episodes of "the end of the world is just a game to me". The main character is within a virtual simulation of a zombie outbreak.

I stopped to read "virus girlfriend" about a "cultivator" in a zombie apocalypse with a little harme of "reborn".

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