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I was messing around with a build last night and I wanted to get some opinions on it.

Captain American - Goliath Monk 11 (Open Hand) / Barbarian 9 (Ancestral Guardian)
By my math this guy could have up to 276HP at an 17AC (10+Dex+Con+Shield) and a 60ft base movement while the shield is strapped to your back.
Wholeness of Body, Stones Endurance and Spirit Shield all heal or reduce incoming damage to yourself and your party.
You also get a slew of advantages and damage reductions from the 2 classes.

With the standard point system, racial bonuses and ability score improvements the stats are as follows:
Str 20
Dex 14
Con 16
Int 10
Wis 13
Cha 8

Damage would be:
1d8+5Str +3Rage =16 Max
With 2 Actions, 2 Bonus actions(Flurry) and 1 Reaction(Sentinel Feat) that would be 5 attacks in 1 round for a max of 80 damage.
This damage could easily be achieved by 12th level. (1 lvl Barbarian/11 lvls Monk)

This gives "Cap" the feeling of moving around and bashing bad guys with his fists and shield while protecting the group.

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Keep in mind the following:

1) Unarmored Defense - Pick Barbarian for your L1, as you don't get the feature twice. Whichever class grants you the feature first becomes your method of determining AC.

2) When using a shield your Martial Arts feature is disabled. As such, you will deal 1+STR damage, and your unarmed strikes will be STR based. Also, despite this, you can still use Flurry of Blows (but again as STR based attacks that deal 1+STR damage)

As such, Shields are not beneficial for this build, as it will negate one of your class features.


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I Knew that the Unarmored Defense did not stack and planned on doing just as you stated but i missed the second part.. Ok I guess its back to the drawing board for Cap.


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So I thought about using a large Chakram as a monk weapon in place of a shield on him. It takes my AC down 2 until level 6 due to holding a monk weapon in my hand while still using unarmed strikes. And I still retain all other benefits. Caps shield will just have a big hole in it.
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I came up with a Cap build a while back myself:
Straight 1-20 Barbarian
Human (variant, feat: Tavern Brawler)
Starting stats:
Str: 16 (14 +1 +1)
Dex: 14
Con: 14 (13 +1)
Int: 10
Wis: 10
Cha: 12

Tavern brawler gives proficiency with improvised weapons. This is the only way I know to gain proficiency hitting people with a shield. Also improves Strength another point and gives better punching damage.

Path of the Zealot from XGtE is my suggestion for subclass, as it bumps up the low damage. Fluff the zeal as being for freedom/patriotism.

At lvl 4, get Shield Master feat, for obvious reasons. Grapple+knockdown is a fun combo, and easy since you have advantage on Strength checks.

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