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5E Carrion Crown, Haunting of Harrowstone: Conversion to 5e


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Hey, for anyone who would like to see this conversion in action, I'll be DMing a live stream of D&D 5 Carrion Crown using this conversion tomorrow (Saturday) from 6pm-9pm (PST). You can watch at the channel below and can keep up with the game's schedule there, too.


Our three players:
... Vidar, the human cleric whose mentor has disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
... Niida, the half-orc barbarian, who abandoned her tribe for a life of solitude and fears failure above all else.
... Tyrael, the elven arcane archer, who was saved by professor Lorimor in her youth and fell in love with his daughter before abandoning the two of them to pursue her own quests.

Now the three return to Ravengro to bury the professor and begin an adventure the likes of which will take them into their deepest nightmares.

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