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D&D General Reasons a haunted fallen technomage tower is still intact?


And then life happens after that, so it's not a perfect tower any more, but not the ruin it would have been otherwise. So a good adventuring site, in other words.
it sounded like in the original adventure it was still standing and intact so it might be a way to to get back to that. If doing so is of no interest then of course you can leave it lying on its side in whatever state suits you

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Thanks all.

I went with the tower lying on its side mostly intact so they could do a Poseidon Adventure walking on walls and scrambling over ceilings as they search for the android brain. The artificer robot PC has levitate rocket boots so maneuvering is cumbersome but doable on a continuous basis unlike the aasimar's 1/day for a minute angel wings.

I am liking the inertial damper device as a possible explanation they might or might not stumble upon.

I got to use the same maps, I gave inspiration to the PC who said "So its now a sidescroller view instead of top down one" which got everybody to conceptualize the new Fantasy Grounds map orientation instantly. This also tied into something I had mentioned earlier referencing the Netflix anime's Castlevania teleporting tech castle.

One room they came to had a write up of a summoning chamber with a magic circle containing a fly daemon that had been confined for years. Since they tumbled the tower and every room has things thrown around now something scuffed the circle, so it was now an unconfined fly demon (I used a 5e chasme fly demon with double hp as a close enough on-the-fly replacement for the Pathfinder fly leukeodaemon).


Can I just say that this campaign sounds really rad?
Thanks, the adventure path so far is a great framework with a lot of opportunities for reskinning stuff to fit thematically and for riffing and throwing in whatever sci fi and fantasy stuff you want. It is only partially hampered by Paizo's poor presentation of some of the information. Everybody is having a great time.

I was quite surprised when the PC plan to topple the tower came about. I then knew I wanted to do a sideways Poseidon Adventure dungeon crawl but they again caught me a bit off guard. I was ready with monsters converted and loaded into the FG combat tracker for them to go in on the first floor tower entrance, either of the two window openings, or the top of the tower, or even for them to deal with the giants or giant killer robot remains outside the tower. So they of course decided to (not unreasonably) immediately go in from the now exposed basement escape tunnel entrance where I had not yet decided on conversions and it has been a year since I read those parts of the dungeon in my original read through of the module. :)

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