Casting Multiple Spells

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After years of playing 3ED, the question was brought forward today in the group.

During combat, a character can perform 2 standard actions or 1 full round action.

If a spell has a casting time of 1 Standard Action (or less), can a spell caster cast 2 spells in a round (assuming nothing more than a 5 foot step in terms of movement), or cast a spell and make a melee attack?

We were playing under the old assumption that a spell caster can cast a spell in a combat round and that is all. However, the RAW would seem to indicate that spellcasters can be much more versatile (and potentially very powerful even at low levels).

We've done a quick check of the rule books (we're in session at the moment), but can't find anything definitive either way. We just want to clarify the rules.

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aboyd is correct. In combat you get 1 standard action, 1 move action, and your five foot step (and one swift/immediate action if you can use it, and as many free actions as the DM will allow). Thus no two standard actions unless you do something special.

There are ways to cast two spells in a single round, but it involves using a swift/immediate action to cast one, and then your standard action to cast the other. See the quicken spell feat description for how to do this.

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