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Kickstarter Castles & Crusades Codex Celtarum up on Kickstarter!

Troll Lord

First Post
Join us at the Table once again!

The Codex Celtarum is out latest drive to add more playable gaming content to your C&C game! Within the Celtic mythologies come alive and with them over 150 spells for your druids, new monsters, magic items, and more. It brings the Celtic to life!

The Codex Celtarum should be print ready in the next few weeks, and to wrap this project up we’ve decided to launch it on Kickstarter, this is going to broaden our ability to bring it out as a hardcover book, something the entire series of Codices deserves. So join us and pledge/pre-order the package deal that most appeals to you! The Codex Celtarum has hundreds of new spells, monsters and monster abilites. We will see you in the feast hall!


About the Codex Celtarum
144 pages, $27.99

Druids have surmised that before the present Universe there was a Disharmonious Void that once existed. Torn by destructive chaos and strife, it was devoid of any creative powers and life completely. Nothing could exist in this Disharmonious Void. It was death for the dead in essence and completely uninspired. A spark of Inspiration or Awen, called the Great Spark, blazing red and shaped like a thunder-bolt, tore its way through the blackness with fury. The Fire of Creation split the shapeless Void into the (as yet empty) Three Circles (Trí Fáine) that were anchored around one magnificent, growing oak tree. This tree was the first in the Universe, and under its immense leafy crown hung golden acorns, swollen with potency.

A Celtic Cromlech
The druids dwelt in a world wholly apart from our own, a world that comes down to us in the stones of the cromlech, the wild burnings of the wicker man, the priests who called on ancient trees and fey to bless or defend them and a language of such haunting beauty that its echoes stir memories within us of a people we once were.

The Codex Celtarum delves into the myths of the Celtic peoples, the powers of the world around them, the monsters that hunted them, and the gods that watched over them. Its author, Brian Young, a scholar by trade, introduces the Celtic mythos like never before, exploring the depths of that world to recast it for the fantasy RPG Castles & Crusades. Within the Codex Celtarum lies a wealth of information; gaming material that blows new life into the world of the fey, the druid, the ranger and all characters whose travels carry them through the wooded hills, broken crags and dark forests of our primeval imaginings.

More than Myths and Gods
The Codex Druidum contains a veritable host of gaming material. New spells for your druid, new powers for your characters, combat, and more, within the Codex Celtarum you'll find:

190 new druidic spells
90 gods and monsters from the Celtic mythos
150 powers for the fey monsters

Expand your character! With fey blood in your veins you too can possess the powers of the fey. Or even adopt new races for your game. The elder gods possessed powers of surpassing wonder and left a world with all manner of strange incarnations, those are yours to bring to life.

Codex Celtarum comes complete in seven glorious, fun filled, fact packed chapters. Chapter 1 covers a complete history of the Celtic world view. Chapter 2 delves into the world of fey. Chapter 3 presents races and monsters. Chapter 4 covers mountains of new spells and magical abilities. Chapter 5 tackles the lords of war. Chapter 6 looks at the gods themselves. Chapter 7 yields new material for the Castle Keeper.


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