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Castlevania? [Interest Check]


If anyone else caught the Castlevania Anime that was recently put out, I thought a particular moment in that was somewhat interesting. For those of you that didn't, slight spoilers, but essentially one year after the burning of a "witch" all hell breaks loose in the capital city and demons, undead, and other things break loose.

This actually meshes with my short high death count games I've run like Illvithar and my sort of Metroidvania themed explore the dungeons with Ashwell.

Thematically not every class really fits, but I've generally been co-opting 5e rules for simplicity and people's familiarity.

A lot of assumptions would be different.

Thematically it might be a lot like Illvithar, except instead of escape from the castle it's escape from the city and all that implies. Magic would have to largely be pulled back from player characters. A lot more focus on resource management. A lot less time skips than usual.



As much as I shouldn't, I'm in. I loved Illuvitar last year, and enjoyed the Castlevania Anime.

So, 5e rules, scaled back magic, only certain classes. Probably only human.

When I saw the Anime, Dracula seemed to have an ungodly amount of power, so I decided he's a Vampire who happens to also be a wizard. Like Strahd.

So magic is a thing and can do a lot, but you'd have to learn it. In fact, one of the main characters is a Mage and can do some spectacular things. So, Speakers, or whatever they were called, would be the Wizards. Sorcerers could be init, as well as Warlocks. You probably wouldn't have to eleminate the classes, just eliminate 90% of the magical items.

Of course, magic users would be mistrusted by the populous, so it makes it so both Dracula and the Church and the general populous are all out to get you.

Clerics and Paladin would be harder. None of the priests in the Anime were effective against the evil. All they had was superstition. If anything, while those classes would be the most useful, they should be banned. There is no divine magic.

Druids and Rangers are possible, but Druids are also hunted by the church, treated the same as Arcane magic users.

Barbarians, fighters, rogues, monks, they're all safe. Monks can be part of the Church, though the priests had thieves knives, so rogues work with them, too.

Basically, I'd make it so each class has an alliegance, so they have friends and enemies. Since it's a survival game, it makes sense for random people to get thrown together. Might even have a monk PC try to kill a Wizard PC, because of differing beliefs.


Well apparently something about divine magic works. You need a properly anointed priest to bless holy water. The whip was blessed. In the games you chuck crosses at things and somehow that works.


That's true. But crosses didn't effect any of the creatures in the Anime. They climbed all over them. Even sacred ground didn't work. I'd still probably ban Clerics, at the very least. The Acolyte background can be used for Priests who want to be able to create holy water.

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ok ok, I'm actually very interrested. have had a Ranger/Witch hunter character planned that used "Resources" instead of "Spells" (Think Adlet for Rokka no Yuusha)
think he would fit great here.

I asume that the PC's will barely get any time to rest? getting pushed from fight to flight to fight?


If that's the case Fighters and Rogues will be king.

Or we could go by the Epic Heroism rest variant, and let Warlocks recover after 5 minutes. That would make Magic a viable option. If it's fight after fight after fight, anyone who uses resources based on short or long rests is going to wish they were never born, and you're going to wind up with a part of fighters and rogues. Maybe some rangers or Monks, but even they have spell like abilities.

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Steve Gorak

Hey guys,

If this goes forward, I'd also be interested. I love warlocks, but would also be interested in another role if the party needed it.



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And here I was ready to fawn over the second season of the Castlevania Anime.

When Alucard, Trevor, and Sypha storm the castle I thought it was as good of a visual representation of a D&D Party's combat as I've seen in recent years and maybe ever.