(Casual D&D V) The Tourne


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After collecting a drink and placing an order for a meal Nurthk plods over to the table in the corner.

"So," Nurthk starts, searching for a topic to distract from the feeling of vulnerability, "It'll be nice to get out of here."

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Fendric nods his head at Oliver and pockets the gold. As drinks are poured and meals dished out, the Pelorites take theirs and head for the corner where the rest of their company is. Finding seats, they sit down, silently, and tuck into their meals.

His back against the wall, Hiritus looks out at the rest of the tavern crowd to see who might be giving his companions undue attention.

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(Fast-forwarding a bit, since I feel all uncreative about this town & tavern suddenly...)

It's six days journey, once horses have been bought, before you reach Daershut. Each new town seems more suspicious and difficult than the last, but overall you become accustomed (as much as you can) to leaving weaponry at the door, so to speak, when you need to deal in the towns.

Regarding the following subjects, you find the following information:

Thedoric - The name is reasonably well recognized, though few can really tell you what he's known for. Among them, they generally see him as a semi-historical figure, either passed on or retired.

The invading armies - You gain a pretty good idea of where the Sails have progressed to. The vast majority of Bethel is either under their control, or has been so thoroughly sacked that it needs not be controlled. Eivanrach is under siege, and expected to fall shortly. In the meantime, there is much controversy as Despia's Church of Cuthbert attempts to station guards in and around many of the neighboring Free Cities.

You also find a few who echo the sentiment voiced by Peltram, that the masked pirate Vera is leading (or at least financing) the increasingly disparate mercenery groups who comprise the Blue Sails. She is also reported to have hired the renowned Tournean assassin and weapons master Medric oe Gottre to oversee the invasion of the Free Cities.

The arrowhawks - First from an older, former fisherman, and then from a few others who've worked the waters of Morel, you hear that arrowhawks are not entirely unheardof in the region. Although extremely rare, they have been known to appear spontaneously over the sea, particularly during storms. The cause for this seems to be unknown, although fable blames an ancient magician who is said to have owned an island in the area, which he enchanted to fly; it is his lingering magic that supposedly goes awry from time to time.


The city of Daershut is built tight into itself, and though clearly old, seems largely well kept. There does not seem to be any truly poor district; even the outlying farmlands you passed on the way in seemed prosperous, or at least to maintain an image of prosperity.

Lord Kildre Vemaunt is reported to reside in Castle Mourre, a short trek beyond the city proper, overlooking the lake of the same name. It can be seen clearly from the high ground of Daershut, a tall collection of structures encircling one another, resting upon a proud crest of rock jutting out above the fog. It should be less than an hour on horseback.

The time is midday when you arrive at the city.


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"Let's get this letter delivered first, maybe we'll find out something new" Raven says, eager all of the sudden to get these last letters delivered, and then, well,.. Do something.


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Just two more letters. And then what...? Oliver looks out over the countryside at the castle perched on the hill. The fields are quiet and peaceful. How long can this last?

At Cylantro's question, the old man points at the rather obvious castle on the hill and wheels Whistler around to face the others. "There." He then turns the tall, spirited horse toward the city. Once they've gone through the now-familiar routine of handing over their weapons, Oliver says to the guards, "We have a message to deliver to Lord Vemaunt. It is important that we deliver it in person."

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The guard listens passively. "You'll have to check at the castle gates for that. The crownsmen'll know better if you can or can't."

At this hour, the city streets are quite crowded with folk, on errands or traveling or trading, or carrying messages. The road into town carried frequent passers, as well. Between the city and Castle Mourre, however, the road is empty, lending a small and likely inappropriate sense of foreboding to the otherwise handsome estate.


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Nurthk snorted, convincing himself how irrational the sense of foreboding was. Nonetheless he was reassured just a little by the daggers on his belt.

"I suppose we'll go ask the crownsmen then," he said, and started off in the direction of the castle.


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(my computers having problems so i cant get a color{yet})

Sitting down in front of a tree is a huge man dressed in black leather armor, there is an empty quiver on his back and a unstrung bow at his side, he has a small bottle in one hand and is talking to no one that you can see, though he keeps looking at his sholder. He looks at Oliver then back at his sholder, "You think we should?" he says. the a moment later he walks over to where Oliver is standing, "Hi," he says,"I am Cray, and this is my sidekick Puck." (he motions to the ferret on his sholder)
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Tatlock seems intimidated by the hulking stranger. Hovering close to Raven, he introduces himself shyly.

"'m Tatlock. You can call me Tat too cause it's easier." He blinks. "Or not." He blinks once again. "Why's your cat so long?"

(Welcome aboard!)

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