(Casual D&D V) The Tourne


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Cylantro : Female Human

Spotting the ferret on the man's shoulder, Ginger crouches on Cylantro's lap as if stalking prey. Cylantro places her hand on the cat's body. "Now Ginger! Is that any way to welcome anyone?" Cylantro holds her in place as she nods to the stranger. Then she moves Oregano away from the man a bit.

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"That's a ferret, Tat," Nurthk explains to his young friend, "Haven't seen many of them around. You must have travelled far, Cray."

The tall half-orc removes his hat and extends a friendly hand, "Call me Nurthk."


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Cray returns the handshake, Puck on the other hand scurries into Crays pocket.
"Oh, little Puck, there is nothing to be afraid of, he's just tall, like me."
Then to Nurthk:"Well met, Nurthk, yes, we have travled far, from the great north looking for adventure and glory....as well as to put my footprint on the buttocks of evil."
Puck slowly crals out of the pocket."come closer, Puck would like to get a good look at you".
Then he turns back to Nurthk,"Anyways, Puck wants me to ask you if you are a noble man, we look to travle with an honorable party, and so far Puck's face is sour with dissapointed."


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"Honour, eh?" Nurthk turns to indicate the rest of the party, "I wouldn't describe myself as a member of nobility, but we are people of integrity, by and large. Fendric and Hiritus are the men of faith in the group. Raven and I are woodsmen. Cylantro is a student of the arcane disciplines. Oliver is a man of great experience, with the weight of years to his advice on our courses of action. Fendric has a job to do, and thus far we've all felt a calling to aid him in his task."

(I think that's everyone who's been active recently. Hope I haven't missed anyone.) :heh:


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"Honour. A coat that covers many things, some of them good, some of them stupid."

Raven looks at Fendric and Hiritus.

"You want to take on another stray? Your call, Fendric."


Fendric dismounts his new mount as Hiritus swings Justice alongside, but not too close to, Cray and his ferret [I'm guessing that Hiritus senses no taint on Cray, but feel compelled to correct me if I'm wrong. :) ].

Cray sees a slight young half-elf dressed in kit that looks too big for him, with fawn-colored hair and a sun medallion clearly visible around his neck. Striding purposefully toward Cray, the half elf stops and extends his hand.

"Brother Fendric of Hedrogura, Servant of the Radiant Light. Very pleased to make your acquaintance. You and your animal are certainly welcome to travel with us as far as we travel throughout this land, but I fear that the journey may not be overly long. And then I suspect we are due back in our own Realm, for I know not what...

Pardon me, yes, this is my sworn companion, Sir Hiritus.

Hiritus tips his forehead to the new man in greeting. [He looks like your garden variety human paladin, complete with the requisite golden locks, emblazoned breastplate, celestial mount, and holy aura.]

"Well met."

"Indeed, well met. I shall expect that your... animal, Puck, does not have problems with the other animals, for they predate his arrival in the Fellowship of the White Dove. It is as fair a policy as I know how to make, I hope you understand.

In any case, welcome. For now, we are bound for Lord Kildre Vemaunt. Shall we proceed?


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"You were right Puck, they are good, see the paladin in his nice shiny armor, I am sorry for douting your wisdom."

After a moments pause Cray says to Fendric:

"Puck says he will mind himself, and we will follow as long as you will have us along, for I can not return to my village. Oh Puck, what a great day it is!"

(oh to describe Cray, he towers over most people, he's well built and bald with a tribal tatoo that covers most of his head.)
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There is still ample daylight left by the time you reach the castle. What appear from the road to be statues of archers mounted every ninety feet or so along the brim of the castle wall turn out to be real men, possessed of the discipline necessary to stand at ready with their bows, seemingly interminably. At the castle gate, their grounded fellows are equally stoic; they are eighteen strong in a somewhat circular formation, halberds at their shoulders and their poise impeccable. Their uniforms are strikingly different from those you've encountered prior, heavy grey fabric over fine-linked chain, tied about with vivid red bands. At their left breast, above the heart, each wears a fine white patch upon which the tower of Tourne has been embroidered in golden thread. Their steel caps and visors are well-polished, glinting back sunlight despite the modest overcast.

The lead among them steps three sharp paces forward as you approach, lifting the metal mask from his face. He is a man of about thirty-five years, and sports a striking and peculiar moustache, the left side smart and short, the right a well grown coil riding his cheek. A cross-shaped scar splits the shape of his nose at its crest.

"May you declare yourselves," he says flatly, his head riding an even plane, his gaze directed at no one so much as the center of your collective mass.


"Light's Blessings Upon You! We are Fellowship of the White Dove, with an urgent message from Lord Thedoric for Lord Kildre Vemaunt," Fendric replies. "May we enter?"

Hiritus, for his part, admires the discipline of Lord Kildre's archers from atop Justice.

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