Ceramic DM, and you're invited! (Postponed! See post #117)


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Here we go again...I would like to start the next round of Ceramic DM.

We cannot seem to gather all 8 previous winners so we are just gonna have to make some more!

IF the boards are down or very slow you can email your entry to me at myscreenname@midsouth.rr.com. Just replace "myscreenname" with my screen name. :)

All menu/linkie things courtesy of Bard Stephen Fox, my personal hero. :)

Things to remember
  • Alsih2o is in Central US Time (GMT -6)
  • Your stories must be posted within 72 hours of when the pictures are posted

Quicklinks to Photos, Stories and Judgements:
Use these to avoiding wading through smack-talk and scheduling discussions between stories.

First Round - 4 pictures
1 Pictures - Arabwel vs NiTessine
2 Pictures - Berandor vs Orchid Blossom
3 Pictures - CarpeDavid vs Mythago
4 Pictures - Big Tom vs Reveal
5 Pictures - LotusEater vs Rodrigo Istalindir
6 Pictures - Macbeth vs Ruined
7 Pictures - Maddman75 vs Sigurd
8 Pictures - MarauderX vs Taladas

Second Round (Winners of First Round competitions) - 5 pictures

Ceramic DM FAQ for FictionAn archive of previous rounds as well as a brief overview of what Ceramic DM is.

Rules Summation (also by BSF) What are the rules?
The rules of an individual contest always take precedence over anything previously posted. But there are some rules that are generally used.

Do not edit your post! If you made a mistake, leave it be. This is a timed contest and once you have made your submission, it is final. Those are the breaks, but if you put your story in an envelope to send to a contest, you wouldn't be able to make any changes either. It is true that this is electronic media, but the judges need to have a static story to read and assess, not a moving target. Editing an entry is grounds for immediate disqualification.
Do not read your opponents entry before you post your own. Once you have submitted your story, then you can go read your opponents entry. Take solace in the fact that somebody else is struggling with the exact same pictures you are, but do not try to read their entry and do yours better.
Do not berate the judges if you don't like their assessment. At some level, the judges will still have to make a decision based on which story they liked better. Once a judgement has been rendered, it is final. It is OK to disagree with the judges, but do so politely and gracefully. This is a friendly competition and the judges are volunteers. Many times, they are trying to provide feedback that will help you to become a better writer. Speaking from experience, the comments might sting at times. Just remember that nobody in the Ceramic DM is really out to get you. If you write a story and receive a critique, take it in the interest of improving your writing.
There may be rules specific to a conpetition, such as word limits, genre limitations or time limits. Be sure you read the rules for each competition before you volunteer to compete.
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Take wacky pictures, make a cohesive story out of it, right? Okay, I'm in. I've been needing some writing 'assignments' to keep in line with New Year resolutions anyhow.

I'd like another shot. I'm determined to get into the finals, dammit. :]

Ha! Post 666. The Mark of the Beast. This has got to be an omen.
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Berandor said:
Who's judging?

ETA: So this is a normal tournament, right?

I have 3 emails out looking for my two judges, I assume Maldur will have his seat warm and comfy by the time pics get posted, others are still in the air.

Liked the judges seat, did you?


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Count me in. Just finished my first big writing project, so I could use some Ceramic DM to cool down. And maybe this time I'll even win... but probably not.


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Berandor said:
ETA: So this is a normal tournament, right?

What is with this from you Berandor? I have seen this several times, in my little world ETA means Estimated Time of Arrival. Can you give me a clue so I at least feel like I understand?


Does some kind soul have links to some of the previous matches? I'd like to refresh myself on the structure and average length of posts.


Berandor said:
I'll sit this one out. Next tourney, I'll win again :) (Oh, I'm gonna regret this)

I'll warn you: I've been practicing against knife fighting monkeys. I'm tan, rested and ready to flounder about defending my title. Feeeeeear meeee!


Piratecat said:
I'll warn you: I've been practicing against knife fighting monkeys. I'm tan, rested and ready to flounder about defending my title. Feeeeeear meeee!

"Furious George! What happened to your beautiful face?!" :p

I'm probably going to regret this but sign me up. Not sure if my writing skills are up to snuff but what the heck. :)

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